The first maintenance run

Right, now all the dust is settled, everyone is happy, everything is sorted, let the blogging commence…

Last night we went on our first maintenance run along our Walden Wander cache trail. Teddy needed a nice long walk and one of the finders mentioned one of the caches had blown off into the open from it’s hiding place. It’s been pretty windy in the area recently, so I’m not surprised. The cache itself was a film cannister hanging on a very short nail head on the back of a fence. It was hanging on a piece of string. So we quickly knocked up a replacement micro with a piece of strong wire attached and took that with us along with a hook ready for replacement.

The first cache was in the exact place we had left it. The swag was still good and the contents bone dry. A great start! The second had managed to move to an easier hiding place! So we popped it back where it belonged. Whilst approaching the third, I noticed quite a few branches were down and there was some real carnage near GZ. “Oh no! What has someone done?” was my initial thought! The last thing I wanted was for the cache to have a negative impact on the surrounding area. When we got to GZ it was clear that it wasn’t a cacher that had caused the destruction, instead the branches had been cut back on purpose as part of maintenance. There were also fresh tyre marks up the track. The cache was all well and good and exactly in the place I had left it. There is one particular type of cache hide that I do dislike and that it those in hedges, or places where obvious trails and destruction can be left. I was so relieved when I realised the carnage wasn’t caused by the cache (phew!) If it was, we would have removed it. The hides were all in places purposefully chosen so that no destruction could be made, so I’m very happy that all is hunky-dory!

We continued on to the cache that had blown away. It was hanging higher on the fence than I had set it but this was ok and at least it was in the right spot after it had blown from it’s place. The wood of the fence was very old and soft so we managed to wiggle a little hook into it to hang the cache wire on. The hook and cache caused no harm to the fence as it was screwed into an existing hole, but made me wonder is it right to screw the hook onto a fence that doesn’t belong to me? Sure I have a right to travel down the path/road, but do I really have the right to place a hook on someone’s (probably a farmers?) fence? Or to hang a cache from a tree? Or place one in a public hedge placed by the council? I think that may be a little bit of a tricky subject to discuss as everything is owned by someone. I guess as long as you and your cache visitors don’t cause any damage to the area then all is ok. πŸ™‚

We continued along our trail. All contents were bone dry. There was still some good swag, and no damage had been done to the surrounding areas. It was pretty dark by the time we hit the final few caches and I actually couldn’t find the 7th cache on first look (How embarassing!) We turned on a torch and it was tucked around the other side of the tree. The hole that it fitted neatly into was now a lot wider and the cache just slipped through! I managed to just about hold it in place with some twigs, but will have to find a suitably shaped rock/piece of bark to block the hole. It’s a bit of an annoying one as I called it “A hole in one” and without the hole the name is a bit silly! hehe! I’ll work it out…

So, the first maintenance run went well. The footpaths are even slightly better since we laid it as they have cut a fair bit of the undergrowth back.

On Saturday we plan to go out and look for some more caches, and then on Sunday we’re going to scout out the next trail. It’s quite funny really as we went to find this area last Sunday and I managed to navigate us to *totally* the wrong place!!! We went in the opposite direction to where we were planning on going and ended up walking around the wrong place. As we thought we were in the right spot to begin with we spotted hiding places. After we realised we’d taken a wrong turn we decided to continue spotting some hiding places and eventually managed to construct a trail of about 2 miles with 10 potential hiding spots. Not bad for a complete mistake! I plan to publish the two trails together, the main one and this little mistake one which I will appropriately name “The wrong turn” I’m really enjoying the hides now and am bursting with enthusiasm as so many people have visited our first trail. I can’t wait to hide the next!

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13 Responses to “The first maintenance run”

  1. ryo62 Says:

    Thanks guys for being more happier with Cass again now.
    Cass, at least all thats over now. It was annoying me too!!!
    Good to know your series is still doing well, will come down and do that soon. It sounds great, we should do at joint series but very sneeky hides. Wheres your next series gonna be?

    Many Thanks
    Ryo62 (Ross)

  2. ryo62 Says:

    I forgot to say I cant wait for more post and your already blogging again. How about that!!!
    We were a good team (me helping you out through this)
    and your nice replies.

    Many Thanks
    Ryo62 (Ross)

    • geocass Says:

      Ah yes, sneaky hides are cool! Maybe I could hide some sneakies down our way, you hide some sneakies up your way and we will give them similar names so they are parts of the same series. Maybe people would need to do both trails in order to obtain bonus numbers for one big final cache in the middle between Royston and Saffron Walden (Wherever that is, but I’m sure there is somewhere! πŸ™‚ ). Just an idea πŸ™‚ I have been looking for some good spots to hide the sneaky containers I have prepared but haven’t yet found the perfect spot. I think I will find it soon πŸ™‚

      I’m keeping a little hush about where the next series is going to go incase someone grabs the idea and puts something there before I get chance. It’s quite a cool spot and I’m wondering why no-one has placced caches there before. I guess I will find out soon enough if there are permission issues. It is pretty near our first trail though. My plan is to scatter a few trails around the area so cachers can have a nice day out. It would make it more worthwhile for cachers who have to travel quite a few miles to the area.

      Thanks again for all of your comments on the posts. Always appreciated πŸ™‚


  3. ryo62 Says:

    Yeah we could do a ROSSoCASS series where every cache has number for the bonus cache which could be somwhere around Buntingford. But the final a very big sneaky container. Maybe if this goes ahead we could have a great series. So if your considering this series we better get planning soon so noone takes our ideas.

    I havn’t got any sneaky containers yet so will keep an eye out for them so at the moment, Peace Out. LOL

    Many Thanks
    Ryo62 (Ross)

  4. mcwomble Says:

    Hmmm … but surely since you got permission to hide the cache on the farmers land, then surely you’ve also got their permission to screw a hook into his fence ???


    … you did get the permissions … didn’t you ??? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

    • geocass Says:

      Lol! Yeah we stood by the fence waving at him whilst he was harvesting his corn… πŸ˜‰ at least this one is a nice farmer(s) and keeps the footpaths along the fields in decent nick! πŸ™‚ I did actually try and work out who owned the fields along the trail but it was pretty impossible with all if the farms near by. Guess I’ll just have to sit in the corn and wait for a passing tractor! πŸ˜€

      • mcwomble Says:

        Your local PRoW officer is the best person to ask.

        The Chelmsford PRoW officer is very pro-caching and thanks to Jo Phillips (lilbrownpony) & Michelle Hopkins (sxparx), the rest of the Essex PRoWs are being brought up to speed on what geocaching is all about.
        I suspect you’ll be after the Uttlesford District officer – either the ECC website or either of Jo or Michelle would be a good contact point

    • geocass Says:

      Thanks for the advice I shall have a dig for the future trails. I did attempt to scour the ECC website (which was when I stumbled upon the geocaching project ad) but didn’t get very far. I do use the MAGIC site though and check for any issues, but I think you may have given me a few new ideas of what I’m looking for.

  5. ryo62 Says:

    It’s Only Me!!!

    Morning Cass And Mcwomble,
    Cass I Have Been Thinking For Sneakies And Have Found Some On Geotees Flocked Crow, Temreature and More.
    Maybe You Could Do A Cass’s Ramble And You Need To Get Some Numbers From Ross’s Ramble And Others From Cass’s Ramble And The Final Cache Be Could Ross And Cass’s Ramble BONUS.

    Many Thanks
    Ryo62 (ryo62)

    • geocass Says:

      Hi Ross, I’d say before buying the sneakies work out the perfect spots to hide them. I’m ok as I made all of mine so no money was spent, but the last thing I want to do is have something very cool and then have to hide it in a hole at the base of a tree as I can’t find the right spot. So I’m currently trying to spot the perfect place for a sneaky trail. I know it will come along when I’m least expecting it πŸ™‚

  6. ryo62 Says:

    So if u find one let me know. Thanks for the advice I think iv’e found some good spots but need to verify if any good ones will match.

    Thanks Again

  7. ryo62 Says:

    I forgot to add how did you make yours could you send me some instructions plz. Then I will know more.
    You are the advice expert!!

    • geocass Says:

      No instructions, really, just an imagination πŸ™‚ I got hold of some ‘1.5ml eppendorf tubes’ and then just had a think on what I could make into a cache. As they are small they fit into a lot of things, but you could realistically use anything. Let your mind go wild πŸ™‚

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