An eventful evening – An apology

Good evening! Let me start with an apology, actually… let me start with a realisation… People actually read this blog and my random wafflings on (I know, I couldn’t believe it either! ;)). On Saturday I posted the blog entry ‘Geocache cycling trail – The Flitch Way‘ about our cache adventure along the Flitch way in Essex.

A lot of the caches along this trail had been laid by a “Professional” Geocacher (I am going to use this term as it’s what the job advert used, except they called it “Professional Treasurehunter”) and I had a bit of a moan about some of the containers that we found. Let me emphasize that I didn’t moan about the locations, the hides, the choice of placement, etc. my main quibble was the fact that small, white bottles had been used to contain quite a few of the micro logs. However, the way I moaned was viewed as being a bit harsh and in hindsight, yep, it probably was, but honestly guys I didn’t mean it to be. I think that some people had taken it that I was slagging off the hider. It wasn’t a personal attack and I didn’t mean to upset or offend anyone. It really came across the wrong way.

I had seen the job ad for this position on the Essex County Council website whilst researching permissions needed to hide caches in Essex. You can also view that here. Surprisingly they still haven’t removed the advert. I had also listened to an interview on the Geotalk podcast about the position. You can listen to that here. I was pretty excited!!! Several months after the position had been filled (I thought it had been, but wasn’t sure) I myself emailed to enquire if it had been filled and also volunteered my free time to help with the project for free, just because I enjoy caching and wanted to help. I had no reply. My preconceptions of what these “paid” hides would be like was obviously wrong and I had misinterpreted the job advert to pretty much be a paid Geocache hider. Clearly the position involves a lot more work than that and in reality the Geocaching part of it is only a tiny chunk of it. I just thought that as it was a funded Geocaching project that the containers and swag would be something else.

The reason for these preconceptions were that I had seen the job advert. I had read it a couple of times. I had also heard the interview. If we had done the trail without this previous knowledge then I wouldn’t have been half as critical as I was. You read that job advert and tell me it doesn’t get you excited and buzzing about what the Geocache hides may be?

So people retaliated to my comments and hit back at me. Ouch! I suppose when you leave yourself open with a “Hello World! This is me and these are my opinions” kind of blog that’s what you get! It kind of took me by surprise though that for a blog entry I had posted on Saturday I was receiving a sudden wave of comments and emails 3 days later. I approved these comments and they are still there on the original post for all to see. I also amended the original blog entry and stripped out the negatives.

Let me clarify that I wasn’t expecting custom caches or anything fancy. I was mainly concerned that a) the lack of camo (white bottles can be seen very easily) meant that the caches may get muggled easily and b) it took a bit of fiddling to retreive the log from the bottles which despite us being uber discrete attracted extra muggle attention. Luckily we pulled it off and no-one was any the wiser, but it only takes one person to wrongly hide a white container for it to get spotted and taken. It’s horrible having to DNF a cache. It was a great trail and we found them all. We would have been really bummed if we couldn’t find some.

Some people also commented that as we have only recently hidden our first trail that we are not in a position to express a view on any cache hides. If we had hidden 300 caches, would my comments have come across any different? No, I don’t think so. Either way they came across in a way I hadn’t intended. I think anyone who has found a few caches starts to know what they do and don’t like to find and are able to form an opinion. I may not know caching, but I know what I like πŸ˜‰

OK, so in conclusion… I have removed the negative comments from the original post. I’m deeply sorry if anyone was offended by them. What I wrote was wrong and simply came across in the wrong way. I seriously didn’t realise that so many people (And so many locals!!!) were actually bothering to visit my blog! I have also dropped an email to SXParx explaining what had happened, appologising and expressing my concerns about the white bottles getting muggled. Rather than publicly posting my negative opinion, this is what I should have done in the first place. And finally I’ve added this apology post here. I don’t think there’s much more I can do, guys. I do seriously recommend this trail as a great day out on bike. We loved it. Sadly all my words about the fun day we had got tarnished because I went about airing my criticisms the wrong way. It won’t happen again people!

Keep on reading the blog guys, I promise to play nice! Don’t just comment when I’ve said something you disagree with. Leave me some comments to let me know who’s reading and if there’s anything else you want to see on the blog!!! Right, time for bed, night night!


11 Responses to “An eventful evening – An apology”

  1. Rafathecabbage Says:

    You’d be suprised how many people will take the time to read a good blog. I think all opinions are valid and as long as you don’t reveal where the caches are. A lot of people want to place a cache without really thinking to much about it or taking the ime to disguise the hide. Marham Fen is a classic trail with a lot of well disguised 35mm film canisters tricky little finds. have learnt a lot from this. keep up the good work I look forward to keeping updated with your exploits.


  2. sumajman Says:

    I guess I missed the blog in reference. Nonetheless, it sounds like you have extended an olive branch. I enjoy reading your blog and following your caching experiences. I welcome anyone’s opinion on this sport/hobby we love so much. Please keep them coming!

  3. dogbomb Says:

    Joining with those comments above mine – I also love reading the blog and I think all opinions are welcome, harsh or not.

    I missed the original blog (pre-edit) but I’d say your opinion is just that… Your opinion. You have the right to say what you liked and didn’t, and others have the right to agree or disagree.

    Keep up the blog. The writing is great and it’s a pleasant read.

  4. geocass Says:

    Thanks to all for your support. I appreciate the comments, they let me know people are listening. I now realise there are locals listening as well. Apologies have been sent to all the individuals who weren’t too pleased with what I’d written. I don’t think others that weren’t from the area or hadn’t met the GeoCacher in question would have thought my comments were harsh. I think they just thought I was taking it out on the cacher and were defending her.

    I can’t emphasise how much I appreciate the support in the comments above. We will keep on caching and I will keep on blogging πŸ™‚

  5. ryo62 Says:

    I love reading your blog and read every post by you.
    Come on guys I think cass was just telling everyone her opinoin and you may have felt offended by this. You have now hopfully read her appology post and hopfully this can be forgotten about now. Do you think this the best way about this cass?

    Many Thanks

    • geocass Says:

      Thanks ryo62. Just ran a PQ a few mins ago and realised there are some more of your Ross’ Rambles caches! Will have to pick them up next time we pass through Royston!

      I think what hacked people off was that I said I expected caches laid by a paid guy to be better than those laid by unpaid cachers. Turns out that despite the job advert really emphasising the geocaching side of it, the job mainly involves other things and the owner works darn hard at the other things. I also wrongly assumed that the cacher was male rather than female. I didn’t use any bad language or slag off the cacher and my comments were just blown way out of proportion!

      Anyway, I think, and hope everyone is happy now! I certainly would never want to upset a fellow cacher! Were all in the game together and it’s a nice game that we can all play happily πŸ™‚


      PS thanks again all for the comments!

      • ryo62 Says:

        I read all the logs you wrote and if I was the cache owner I would have took that into mind what you said (honestly).
        Besides maybe you done the best thing of telling the CO what actually is true. Besides as you said we are all happy now.

        Ross’s Ramble Caches are awaiting you!! LOL
        Ross’s Ramble NO.4 is still waiting for a FTF.
        Could that be you?

        Many Thanks Again

  6. mcwomble Says:

    Ye Gods! I think we’re making mountains out of molehills here folks.

    I can’t speak for the other commentator (!!?) but I wasn’t offended, irked or irritated by Cass’ opinion in the initial post but was merely trying to provide some background info and what SxParx (our professional geocacher) actually did.

    I felt a similar disappointment on finding my first “official” hides but a private message and a discussion resolved the issue.

    Time to draw a line folks and get back to some caching.

    PS the next Essex Meet is in Hullbridge on Sep 15th

  7. geocass Says:

    Royston is sadly a little bit too far for me to go after an FTF. I’m not really all that into FTF’s I just get them if it’s convenient! But we will look forward to grabbing them next time we are passing. Still got to get #1 as well!

    I guess just like my comments came across in a harsh way, the commenter’s comments came across in a harsh way to me as well and I did take to heart what was said and thought I’d deeply upset the commenters! It works both ways. It’s hard to convey emotion in text even with smileys :):):) to me it just sounded like I haven’t been caching long enough/hidden enough caches to criticise another hide.

    Ok, that’s the end of it then. I appreciate mcwomble coming back and leaving a follow-up comment on this post. I hope maybe he will take a peek at some entries in the future and continue to leave comments.

    Over and out!


  8. BU4435 Says:


    I apologise if my comments sounded harsh. Like Mcwomble i as merely trying to make the point the sxparx do more than just place caches. I feel the bad day at work may have affected my judgement and might explain the rant! lol Everyone is entitled to their opinion especially when it comes to caching.

  9. Sarah Says:

    I read the “offending” post pre-edit, and I didn’t read it as a personal attack, or as harsh, at all

    I’ve found a few official/professional caches over the past couple of years – some hidden by the Isle of Wight council, some hidden by the National Trust, a couple hidden by the Alberta tourist board over in Canada, and all have been excellent large hides with added interest / custom swag / something that sets them apart in some way

    And so I would also have been disappointed, especially after reading about the Β£50k grant, to find a string of fiddly micros.

    (to be fair, I wouldn’t have gone after this particular trail in the first place as we rarely do series, and when we do, it’s only if the majority of hides are small or larger, the kids do like their McToys πŸ˜‰ )

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