Bank holiday Baldock blues

It’s bank holiday Monday. Yay! No work. Yay! So we can cache! Yay! But we’ve done all of the trails in the area so all that’s left are drive-by caches! Boooooooo!

So today we went to Baldock in Hertfordshire. It’s about a 45min drive from us, but has a lot of caches dotted around. Sadly they are well and truly dotted around and meant we had to do drive-by caches for the most part. Some people like doing drive by’s as they are quite “traditional” (regular tubs and ammo cans as opposed to trails of micros) however we kind of find them boring and prefer nice long walks.

We started off to the north of Baldock. Things went alright, but then we hit a slight problem. We started searching for a micro that was under a bench in the middle of nowhere and just couldn’t find it! I waded into the long grass and managed to kick out part of a film cannister. The lid and the log were missing but the base was indeed the cache container! We stuck our sticker on the inside, took a pic to upload to the log, and logged it as a find.

At least there was something to leave our mark on!

We then stuck a stone inside to weigh it down, placed it under the bench and posted a maintenance log. Whilst walking back to the car we started discussing cacher ethics and decided that we will count finds if we find either the logbook or part of the container (I don’t know how it stands if we find just the lid! I think we will have to deal with that when it happens!) however if we just find the obvious spot it doesn’t count as a find!

We continued around mostly picking off the ‘Pedal Power’ caches. These were ok but quite randomly numbered as they were published at random times. I thought due to the name they would all be bikable but it seems only some are (luckily we didn’t bring the bikes!!!)

Our best and worst cache of the day were both part of this series. The best was ‘Pedal power 51 – Hello-ween’ GC1GPYR. It was in a little wooded area in a big 5 litre protein powder tub. I’d never thought of them for cache containers but do now, especially as we have a few laying around!

This cache was whey to big to not mention (hehe)

It was pretty massive with room for lots of swag. The CO had packed it full of it for Halloween 2008. Although the good swag had gone, there was a scary little head dangling from the cache lid which did actually make me jump!!! Haha!

Pretty frightening!!!

I was thinking a sprayed-black protein tub with glow in the dark skeletons on it at the end of a night cache trail in a woods would be an awesome release for Halloween. I love Halloween, so what better way to celebrate it that to find a creepy woods for a night cache packed full of spooky swag?

And the worst cache of the day was ‘Pedal Power 68 – Privates on parade’ GC1HJFC It was a micro in a gatepost that had lost it’s lid. The logbook inside was in such a state! There were woodlice attached to it and the log was saturated and covered in little black specs that looked like eggs.


We added a maintenance log and here’s hoping the CO fixes it, despite not acting on the previous one. I’ve never seen a log in such a state! Logs like this make me wonder what the point of logs is. If a log is THAT bad there is no proof who visited and anyone could log it as a find! *SIGH*

Today we also found the heaviest travel bug ever! It was a piece of plumbing pipe with a tap attached. It weighed a bloody ton! Our caching bag is heavy enough without carrying a TB that heavy so it just had to stay in the box. I can’t believe someone would send such a heavy TB on it’s way!

Would have taken it, but unfortunately we left our crane at home!

After finishing around Baldock we carefully chose a route home that would pass ‘Climate Chaos – The beginning’ GC124J4 this is a big series of puzzles scattered around Herts and Essex. You need to find them in order so that you can find the next. There’s quite a cool story behind them all. So now we’ve cleared the beginning we can move onto the others…


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