Duplicate logs – When is a find not a find?

When you’ve logged it twice, you silly cow!!! *sigh*

When I uploaded ‘My finds’ to http://www.mygeocachingprofile.com (great site by the way, do check it out!) it told me I had 1229 finds with 1227 distinct caches. WHAT? I scanned through the entire list and couldn’t find any duplicates. I did the same in GSAK. I couldn’t find any duplicates. To the rescue came ‘Cache stats‘ which I always thought you had to pay for but it’s free! Yay!

I immediately uploaded My Finds to cache stats and bingo! Two duplicate logs that I hadn’t seen! 😦


This is very sad news as it means our 1000th find wasn’t. It was our 998th find and the 45mins searching for coords 100ft off in the dark weren’t as special as we thought. However at the time it was special and to me that was our 1000th find. So, it is and it will always be our 1000th milestone even though the numbers aren’t quite the same. That’s what you get for logging on the iPhone! At least in the future I’ll know how to check for duplications!


7 Responses to “Duplicate logs – When is a find not a find?”

  1. John Says:

    Thanks Cass
    the mygeocachingprofile site looks like a great tool.
    wonder if there’s any way of correcting the found counter on geocaching.com when you find duplicates like that?

    • geocass Says:

      Yeah it’s brilliant. I love the UK counties cached in map it generates! In our case I located the duplicate logs and deleted them and the Geocaching find counter dropped from 1229 to 1227 🙂

  2. Geocaching with Tru2Cntry Says:

    Love your blog page, I have one too if you care to check it out… http://tru2cntry.wordpress.com/
    Come to California and cache with us!! 🙂

  3. Jen Says:

    Thanks Cass for this log, this has just helped me sort out our distinct finds as we were 1 out and it was irritating me.
    See you tomorrow hopefully.

    • geocass Says:

      Excellent! Glad it helped. My logs have become even harder to pick apart now were logging YOSM virtuals as you log those for any trig points they visit so I have a few non-distinct logs now.

      You sure will see us tomorrow! 🙂

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