Sussex Cache Bash Day 7 – Home time

We decided to stay an extra night at the campsite, however we really wish we hadn’t. It rained non-stop from about 9:30pm and at 2am we woke up to a raging storm. The tent was flying about all over the place but we were OK. I muttered the famous last words “It can’t get any worse than this” and about 10 minutes after saying that the side of the tent flung in as one of the corners had become unpegged. We had to bail out of the tent and sleep in the car. In the morning we had to mop it out a bit as somehow some water had dripped in and made puddles. Luckily we were packing up to go home anyway. It was a horrible night, but our tent did stand up to the force.

In the morning I was feeling pretty miserable and lacked enthusiasm for anything. After breakfast we decided to take it easy and wander into Brighton for a little shopping. The shopping spanned into a little bit of caching and gradually my motivation came back.

We hit the choppy seafront to grab a few.

The pier

The pier... Well... What's left...

And then onto the Royal Pavillion and The Dome where we met a couple of cachers ‘The Rhubarb Bandits’ and his Geo Buddy ‘wstrzasdlamas’.

The Royal Pavillion. Stunning!

Then it was into the town for a few more caches to finish off the day. I loved the Graffiti on the walls. Very well done.

I love this type of Graffiti!

More great artwork

And then it was home. So that was our trip to West Sussex. We had a very enjoyable time and ended the trail just short of 300 caches with 288! Very pleased with that. That leaves us with 1190 finds. Not bad, not bad! πŸ™‚


3 Responses to “Sussex Cache Bash Day 7 – Home time”

  1. Sarah Says:

    yay a fellow graff fan!!!

    I loooove graffiti

    sorry to hear of your unpleasant night camping, rather you than me, think I’m getting too old for tents…

    and yes, 288 finds in a week is pretty impressive !!! that’s twice what we’ve managed in over 2 years lol

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