Sussex Cache Bash Day 6 – Urban caching

Burgess Hill urban caches

It was nice to do something a bit different again today on the pavement. Yesterday the trails along the wet grass soaked my feet and so pavement was decided as it would be a lot dryer. It was quite fun being “unsuspicious”. One of he great caches for the day was called ‘DO YA NUT’. There was a metal structure along the side of the road with a huge bolt and nut through it. I tried to undo the bolt but it wasn’t shifting so I disregarded it and searched elsewhere. We then went back to it and were a bit more forceful and the bolt came off to reveal a piece of paper – the log! It was a great place to hide one but the log was just rolled inside the bolt and was scruffy and had rust on it. It was a great hiding place, but I can’t help feeling that if the owner had just popped it into one of those little sample vials it would have been so much more classy!

The bolt cache. Not bad!

We headed to a little nature reserve for a few caches called ‘Millponds’. We ended up walking around in spirals trying to find some of the caches due to the tree cover. The highlight of the ‘Millponds’ caches was a massive waterfall which I clambered down the slippery bank to. It was worth it just to see it close up.

An amazing waterfall!

Reservoir Rambles – East (GC1HFRF)

To end the day we headed up to Ardingly Reservoir for a trail along the east side. We went the wrong way to the first cache and stumbled upon a pen of very scary piggies that charged towards us. Luckily they were behind an electric fence.

Reminds me of that movie 'Hannibal'

It was a nice stroll around the reservoir, which was surprisingly low despite recent rainfall.

The reservoir

The way back to the car took us through a very steep woodland, however the trees were very picturesque.

Down the slope through the trees

We only found 30 caches today, our worst day so far, however we really enjoyed the walk around the reservoir and the sneaky urban caching.


One Response to “Sussex Cache Bash Day 6 – Urban caching”

  1. Sarah Says:

    “only” 30???

    I think the most we’ve ever done in a day was 14 lol

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