Sussex Cache Bash Day 5 – Rain, rain, rain

Highdown Stroll

Today was miserable! Morale was low due to the rain thumping down on us all the way around this trail. Even my waterproof shoes couldn’t hold up to the non-stop rain.

It doesn't look good...

We climbed a hill to grab an extra cache along the way, which was a welcome ammo can. Looking across the field I think the cows were trying to tell us something…

I think they know something...

By the time we got to the end we were SOAKED! It was quite a nice trail despite the rain. It would have been a lot nicer in the sunshine though. The one thing I was disappointed with was the use of micro containers. There were micros where smalls would have easily been disguised. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind micros, however on the trail that I placed I put micros where they were suited. If a small could be hidden there then I hid it there! This is something that I intent to keep doing in future hides.


The River Arun at Arundel Amble

After such a rainy morning I was a bit fed up and felt like throwing in the towel and going to the cinema or something. We did, however soldier on and went and did The River Arun at Arundel Amble trail. It was a good choice as it was a lovely trail along the river that boosted spirits!

There were lovely views of Arundel castle and the cathedral all of the way around and the river was very scenic. There was a lovely clear section of the river with a bridge across. It was beautiful how the shadow of the bridge reflected off of the water.

What a massive castle!


And I was amused by the placement of a footpath sign in the river. Well, if a footpath sign says there is a route through, there must be a route through! 😉

Footpath to the deep...

Afterwards we headed into Arundel to grab a nano cache. We had actually managed to choose a day when they had a festival on and stood watching a man in a superhero suit with a bucket on his head walk a tight rope! And they say Geocachers are weird! 😉



The Yapton trail has 25 caches along quite good footpaths. On the way there the owner had also laid a couple of caches for pick up including ‘Any Old Iron’. We spent ages on this cache! It was a nano placed on something in a scrap metal yard full of metal. Pretty much, it could have been anywhere! In the logs and description it was mentioned that it is on private property, but the owner was enthusiastic about the cache. When I saw a man approaching I said Hi and asked him if it was ok to carry on looking for the cache. He said “You want the owner for that” It turns out he wasn’t the owner but he knew about the “cash” or rather “That internet thing with GPS” (hehe!) He said “So is there actual cash in it?” we explained it a bit but I don’t think he got it. He wasn’t very interested though and walked off. After a while searching we too walked away and onto the first cache in the Yapton trail. I read a few logs and one mentioned they had opened something. I suddenly remembered seeing some little doors in the lamp posts. So we dashed back and opened 3 doors. Nothing! We had to log a DNF. I’d like to go back for it one day. It sounds like it could be pretty clever…

We continued on the Yapton trail but were really disappointed to see that we had to do some doubling back mid-way. I think that added about 1.5miles unnecessarily to our journey. This meant that we had to stop at #22 on the trail as we didn’t have time for the rest. This was really disappointing and spoilt the trail a bit.


3 Responses to “Sussex Cache Bash Day 5 – Rain, rain, rain”

  1. Sarah Says:

    love that reflecting bridge photo

    the nano in the junk yard sounds fascinating – I wonder where it is??

  2. jane Says:

    I was in England in August and tried a few of the Highdown Stroll but had no luck!! I also did a couple of the Yapton caches while doing the Rife Walks!! We were lucky with the weather. I was with non-cachers so I have to chose caches carefully. I went to Arundel too on the 21st, it did rain that day so we went in the castle. So glad you enjoyed the caching in Sussex, I’d cache every day if I lived there now.

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