Sussex Cache Bash Day 4 – Down by the seaside

South Lancing to Ferring Seafront

We fancied a bit of a break from country trails today and decided to do the massive stretch from South Lancing to Ferring. There was approximately 50 caches along the stretch that I’d predict to be about 7 or 8 miles. The caches we found were all layed by about 5 different cachers. Each had a different chunk along the seafront which we thought was great! Weather-wise it wasn’t a brilliant day, a bit cloudy and drizzly but that worked to our advantage as it kept the muggles away.

Nice view of the beach

The cache we found that we thought was the cleverest was actually not the cache (hehe!) It was at the end of Worthing pier. The hint was that it was something mechanical which didn’t require much force. We had a look around and the only thing we saw that matched the description was a little tap and pipe on the end of the pier. Rotating the tap did nothing. So I pulled the little stopper on the side and off popped a lid. Hmm… No container. We walked away and read some logs. Others had put that the cache must have fallen into the sea so they put their bit of paper in as a log. We put 2 and 2 together and ended up with 10 and did the same and walked away again this time thinking “What a clever cache!” Well it turns out that wasn’t actually the spot! I checked the logs a few days later and the cacher had put a note that he removed our piece of paper as it wasn’t actually the cache and the real container was safe and sound! I emailed the owner and apologised. We were really convinced that was the spot, as I think many other cachers were as well. I asked him if we were close and said I’d change to a DNF if we were wrong. He told us the cache was a custom container near by, but not to DNF as we made the effort to find it.

The cache? Erm, No!


Hmm… Now that sends my mind boggling about “Cacher ethics”. We didn’t find the right spot let alone the container. Is it really a find? We also DNF’ed a cache by the same hider which we spent a good 15 minutes looking for. Everyone else said they found it without a problem. The cache owner went back and checked on it the next day and verified that it was indeed gone and kindly emailed me and told me to class it as a find as we would have found it easily. I have added a find log, but do feel guilty about those two. At the end of the day I think it is down to you and the owner. If the owner is happy for the find to be allowed then it can be counted, but if you start doing that then you will end up finding lots of caches that you should have DNF’ed just because you “Found the right spot, but the cache wasn’t there”. I think when you start twisting the “rules” of a game the game stops being fun to play. I think I will leave the find logs as the owner has given their permission in a direct email to me to leave them, however in the future I will be DNF-ing anything I don’t find an actual container or obvious piece of log book for (as was the case for one of the North Devon puzzle caches). I won’t be replacing caches or adding logs if I think I found the right spot. I think it probably is ok to do this for caches that don’t involve retrieval as part of the finding task (e.g. tree climbing) however I don’t feel comfortable with allowing this for my own future finds.


We carried on along the seafront picking up caches as we went. Some high, some low. However, all were good fun!

A garden on the sea front

By the time we got to the end our feet were really aching after all the days of walking. Walking all the way back without getting any caches didn’t seem very appealing so we trekked a mile into Ferring and caught the 700 bus (Whilst grabbing 2 caches on route of course!) which conveniently took us to the exact spot we were parked! Result! We finished the day a bit earlier at around 6pm and went to The Harvester pub near by. Our favorite nosh-spot for some cheap grub. You can’t beat unlimited, free salad!


One Response to “Sussex Cache Bash Day 4 – Down by the seaside”

  1. dogbomb Says:

    Dont be disheartened by your DNF/found quandry. I’ve found myself in the same position.

    Cache owners usually have the best interests at heart though. I was asked to sign as found when I hadn’t, because a series was obviously muggled. The owner wanted to remove my DNF as it might have given the thief some sick satisfaction at ruining the game.

    Love the blog. Keep it up.

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