Sussex Cache Bash Day 3 – HILLS, HILLS, HILLS!


Windlesham Walkabout (GC1TV09)

Windlesham Walkabout looked like a very appealing cache when I initally worked out the figures of distance between caches. It looked like we wouldn’t have to work too hard to grab the 32 caches on it. It was laid by ‘redirected male’ a cacher we had met in London when we had biked down the River Lea cache trail (That is an amazing trail if ever you get the chance to do it). He was nice, so his trail would be nice, right? Well it was, however when I calculated the distances I hadn’t however taken into account the stonking great hills! As we climbed the first one I looked down at the GPSr and saw 600ft for the elevation. EEK! We were on the South Downs, so what the hell did we expect!?!?!

We were quite knackered by the time we got to the top hill, but the views were very nearly worth it.

Nice views

As we walked along the top of the hill we looked across and spied another hill. It looked HUGE. We then debated whether or not we would be climbing it later. Turns out we were!!!

Will we be climbing this hill? (Yes!)

We also went past a little war bunker/hideout/something or other that a cache was hidden next to. It was quite interesting wondering what it was there for.

Secret bunker!


We carried on along the trail. Some hides were a little tricky, others were easy. We weren’t prepared for the cache that we bumped into in a little woodland area. The hint was ‘poke’. We spent half an hour poking holes in trees for a micro to pop out. Nothing happened. We went round and round in circles. I even pulled up ALL the logs on my iPhone and read through them. No-one was giving anything away, apart from saying it was visible. We decided to call it a day when all of a sudden we looked up. Hanging from a branch (Very high up) was a film cannister dangling from a piece of string wrapped around the branch. As the cache was quite a long way along the branch it was the last place we would have ever looked as you always expect the cache to be right along the trunk of the tree! With the help of a very long stick we eventually untwizzled it down a bit so that it was in reach. Absolute genius! The clue was a real red herring!

Sneaky, sneaky...

Eventually we made it to the top of the next hill. We looked back and saw that bunker that we had passed on the other hill.

There's that bunker!

We were quite knackered at the end of this one. However despite the hardcord hills we did really enjoy finding these ones. We would recommend this trail, but only if you don’t mind a bit of hiking!

Devil’s Dyke Circular (GC1V4XQ)


Next we went onto DDC. It was recommended by a nice cacher I occasionally tweet on twitter when I asked him if there were any Must-do’s down West Sussex way. It’s a series of 16 caches plus a bonus. In the description you are told that you will need to brihg:

  1. A medium phillips screw driver
  2. An AA or similar 1.5v battery
  3. About 5 feet of string
  4. A key ring
  5. A metal nut
  6. Two 13mm or 1/2 inch spanners
  7. A small torch will help
  8. At least 1.5 litres of water

The mind boggles at what all those were needed for! The first in the series was Church Micro 666 (Oooh! Spooky!). There wasn’t a church here, but maybe there could have been… The descrption explains it well: “The Devils Dyke seemed such a place but as anyone with local knowledge will realise there is one small but important flaw here, that is the lack of a church, although maybe there used to be as local folklore explains the valley as the work of the devil. The legend holds that the devil was digging a trench to allow the sea to flood the many churches in the Weald of Sussex. The digging disturbed an old woman who lit a candle, or angere causing a rooster to crow, making the devil believe the morning was fast approaching. The devil then fled, leaving his trench uncompleted”

It was very fun to find this cache! The coords were a bit off and we went to the wrong place. I then spotted what I thought was a bird box in. It was infact a little wooden church the owner had constructed! Hehe!

Church Micro 666

We trotted onto the next cache which was a multi that required us to unscrew 4 corners of a little wooden box in a cache so we could see the coords for the real cache. No problem, got the coords fine. We then went to the coords and found a water trough. We searched *Everywhere* in and around the trough and found nothing. How bizarre… We DNF’ed and moved on. OH NO! Number 3 was at another water trough. We searched in an arround and found nothing. Deja vu! I found a hole under the trough with a black bottom of an ice cream tub in it. I pulled it out and it just had about a centimeter of water in it. I couldn’t see anything behind it or in it. So many people had found the past 2 caches easily so what the hell was wrong with us? We DNF’ed it and reluctantly moved on to the next thinking something weird had happened, but everything else we had found! I don’t know what to say really. Maybe the hills had drained it all out of us!

Oh no, not another hill!

We went out to cache #4 and completed the task of filling up a pipe with water to make a little bottle float to the top. This told us where our log book was. Very clever. I liked this one! Then it was onto #5. As we approached GZ I saw a huge blue box in the direction of GZ, but 60ft away from it “Oooh, another clever trick” I thought to myself. As this was probably the direction everyone would approach the cache from I figured it was expected that cachers would see this first. I cauciously approached… Just incase. I looked on the side of the box expecting to see something like “Rat poison” or “DANGEROUS: Do not touch” instead I saw “Maplin Electronics”. That sounded like a cache container to me. So I flipped the right side of the lid and cautiously peered over. First I saw a couple of tissues and then I saw… A POO! That’s right!!!! A POO! I dashed away in shock and flapped about a bit. I decided I couldn’t leave it open as it may attract animals and carefully stretched over to the lid and flipped it back, followed by a few squirts of anti-bacterial hand cleaner! We worked out that a van driver had probably “needed to go”, done it in a container in the back of the van and dumped it (for want of a better word!) there as it wasn’t far from a gate from the road! Along the rest of the DDC trip I kept saying “I can’t believe I found a poo in a box” It was quite funny after the shock had worn off.

Remember people: Plastic boxes in country sides don't always contain the logs you'd expect to find!

And then 60 feet later we were at GZ. Now, this was the cleverest cache on the trail. It was pretty simple really, a box with blue wires one side and brown wires the other. This was what we needed the battery for! After trying a few combinations we paired the right wires to the battery and the light lit up to reveal our coords. Genius!


We continued on our journey and bumped into another clever cache that required us to use a spanner to open it and reveal the log book.

Hard at work!

I then took the opportunity to photograph some more mushrooms whilst my geo buddy located the cache. I didn’t notice the massive beatle on the tree until I checked the photo afterwards!

Dark 'Shrooms

After a few more clever caches we went onto the last one. The cache was called ‘Well, well, well’ and the hint urged us to get into the well. It was very dark at that time and I didn’t want to climb in until I was 100% sure that the cache was in there. I shone the torch around, but couldn’t see anything. I then scouted out some recent logs and it indicated that the cache was indeed in there. In I dived with the torch and shone it around until I saw the cache. Hoorah! That one was quite exciting (but scary!)

The final trek to the bonus was up an almost vertical hill! How mean! That just about finished us off and when we got to the car at 9:00pm there really was only one thing for it… CHINESE TAKEAWAY! That was REALLY deserved. A very hard day!


4 Responses to “Sussex Cache Bash Day 3 – HILLS, HILLS, HILLS!”

  1. Sarah Says:


    a poo in a box


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    […] to doing the Devils Dyke container when last time I opened a container I wasn’t sure about it had a turd in it!!! I told Andy it was his turn to open the dodgy box! We were lucky this time! No poo, just swag! A […]

  3. jane Says:

    I will put this series of caches on my todo list for my next visit!

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    […] is definitely up the top of my most favorite cache trails of all time and is easily on par with Devil’s Dyke. However doesn’t quite top our favourite series of all time: Wellow Woods Nature Trail. […]

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