Sussex Cache Bash Day 1 – Take it easy…

Bright and early on Tuesday morning we hopped into the car and made our way towards Brighton. During our stay we covered quite a few trails down there. To decide which would be the most worthwhile we worked out the miles around each one, divided that by the number of caches in each and wen’t by the average distance between caches. What we didn’t take into account, however was the height above sea level! We ended up doing a couple of trails that took longer than we had expected due to unexpected hills! During our trip we covered:

Cowfold Capers South, Cowfold Capers North, Warninglid to Earwig Lane, Nymans Wood, Raggets Ramble, Heaselands,Windlesham Walkabout,Devil’s Dyke Circular (DDC), The line of caches along the South Lancing to Ferring sea fronts, Highdown Stroll, The River Arun at Arundel Amble, Yapton,Several urban caches around Burgess Hill, Reservoir Rambles East, A few urban caches around Brighton, and a few other random caches here and there.

Read on if you’d like to hear about our adventures on the trails. Be warned however, there are a few spoilers and if you’re planning on doing the Devil’s Dyke Circular trail you may want to just skim over that section as it’s more fun if you don’t know what to expect! 🙂

We stayed just North of Brighton at ‘Blacklands Farm’ campsite. We did quite enjoy our stay there and out of the 3 we camped at this summer, this would be the one that we would go back to. Although ‘Honeybridge Park’ (just down the road) was very nice it was quite pricey and very compact. At Blacklands farm it was very laid back. You could camp anywhere on the field, pitch your tent up anytime after 9am, and it was only £6.50 per person, per night. The showers also weren’t bad. They were in little mobile blocks which we initally thought would be rubbish, but they were actually nice a warm, with nice smooth floors (Essential when your feet are incredibly sore after all the walking!) The only downfall being the creepy crawlies in the shower and toilet blocks, which I suppose you can’t help! After getting our tent pitched off we headed off to our first trail.

Blacklands Farm Cow - There was a cache in one of these right under our noses!

Cowfold South (GC202AE) and Cowfold North (GC202C3)

This was a trail laid by Flatcoat Walker, one of the many they have in the area. It was a lovely walk around and the cache hides were simple, however they did get a little predictable after a while and if you want exciting hides this isn’t the one to go for.

We found them all apart from the very first one tried, Cowfold South #1 and had to DNF it. The obvious spot was at the bottom of the footpath sign under the obvious stone. However, there was no cache, and we even pulled the stone away from the base when we checked. Flatcoat walker went to check it out and said it was there! So their theory is that some local muggles took it home, checked out Geocaching on the internet and brought it back. That would sound about right! Quite amusing none the less!

Whilst clambering from field to field we met some very friendly sheep which we think must be pets as there were only about 4. One of them was particulary friendly and came up to the gate after we had climbed over it to say hello. We called him “Gary” and he stuck around to have his picture taken! 🙂

Gary the sheep!

There were also some rather interesting fungus/mushrooms growing along the pathways on this trail. I don’t know what it is that fascinates me with fungus, but everytime I see it I have to take a picture! I think it’s that contrast in colour. All seem to be very different and you never know when you’re going to come across it.

Fungus with water droplets

These remind me of stingrays

On the last leg of the trail we also came across an awesome waterfall. I love how you can hear them from a distance and the sound of the water gushing down gradually gets louder as you approach and then BAM! There it is! I clambered down the slippery bank to get a good photo of it.

A nice waterfall on route

That ended our first afternoon of caching. It was quite a gentle introduction into our caching trip, and although the hides were simple we did enjoy the nice walk.


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