First hide and first TB (Finally!)

Tonight I finally got around to submitting my hides for publication! Woohoo! I was a bit of a perfectionist and took time preparing the containers and making everything look good. We took 3 coord readings and a final check of the coords today to drop off some TB’s. I think the containers have been there over 3 weeks now and they seem quite comfortable in their surroundings.

It was quite nerve-racking submitting my first ever cache. I kept checking, and checking, and checking that I’d enterred the correct coords into the website! I think I got it right in the end. Just time to play the waiting game now. I wonder who will be first to find! 🙂

I also activated our first TB today. It’s Dave the Duck! He’s in the 3rd cache on the trail of 10. So hopefully he can go for a bit of a journey around caches!


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