Tollesbury Old Hall Marshes and Sea Wall

Today we visited Schoolfrenz’s ‘Old Hall Marshes’ and ‘Tollesbury Wick Sea Wall’ trails (GC1WC6M and GC27AW3) and we had a great time! It made such a change to walk a trail that wasn’t just around fields. Instead we trekked around marshes and along the sea. It made a lovely change.

We were kitted out head to toe in waterproof shoes, jackets, and trousers all ready for the showers, but to our surprise the weather was very mild and we only got a few blobs of rain. We started off with a nearby church micro that was hidden on “The Village Cage” Eek! Wish I’d got a picture of it! It’s amazing the scary old stuff that villages keep!

Next it was onto the Sea Wall series. This was 13 caches (Although we only did 12, and DNF’ed 1). We loved the views!

A rather gloomy view out to sea

Loved the colours of the seweed

Posts in the mud

More sludge

There weren’t many muggles around today. There was a lady painting, a fisherman, a few walkers and a man with binoculars that we thought was twitching, but he was actually watching a boat race. We wondered why there were so many boats out to sea!

My money's on this one to win!

After the sea wall we headed off to the OHM trail. We passed a few familiar numbers on a sign which made us giggle!

Coordinates! Woohoo!

Despite having a fair bit of rain over the past few days the marshes weren’t too marshy on the footpaths and we were pleased to have something sturdy under foot!

The trees had seen better days!

You know I can't resist photographing mushrooms!

Even the cows were muddy!

We made the decision to go for the long walk rather than cutting the walk short and doing the mini series around the marshes. We managed to get on ok. We started at 9:30am and finished around 7:30pm. It was pretty hardcore and we didn’t have many breaks. Surprisingly, my feet weren’t dead by the end (Just a little stiff after sitting down for a while). The route on the GPSr totted up to 18.5 miles for 40 caches in total! There was a reward at the end though, a nice Sirloin steak and an ice cream sundae to follow! Definitely deserved that!

We also reached our 900th find on the OHM Maxi Bonus cache (GC27JD2). The 1000 milestone is suddenly looking very close!

Perhaps the highlight of the day was the second to last cache. It was ranked as difficulty 5 stars and was on a huge green water tank in the trees. I dived into an area to look for it first without even considering the GPSr! I then realised that the item was actually pretty big. So I wiggled through the prickly trees to the back of the tank. I’m one for observing for caches, rather than feeling. After a 5 second look at the offending object the cache was quite obvious. Pretty clever though! It was one of those tiny sample tubes in a green bolt. The paint work on the bolt was a lot greener than the tank so it was quite easy to spot. I would have been tempted to be totally evil and match the paint job completely to fool everyone! Mwahaha!

Can you spot the cache?


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