Virtuals/Earths on the way to North Devon

Today we set off at 6am for a camp site near Barnstaple, Devon. It’s about a 6 hour trip down so we decided to break it up using earth and virtual caches that we had plotted along the route. We were a bit too optimistic when planning, but didn’t do bad and ended up with 4 earths, 1 virtual and 5 traditionals that happened to be nearby.

The first was The Royal Oaks (GC3F80) which took us to a section of oak trees planted for Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth and King George’s jubilees. The goal was to find the two George and Elizabeth trees and grab their co-ords and inscriptions. Sadly this took up a huge chunk of our time as despite finding George’s tree we couldn’t find the inscription so spent ages thinking there must be an oak hidden somewhere. Just as we were about to give up we spotted the plaque hiding on the wall! Hooray! Very close to the cache were 2 traditionals which we bagged as well.

The King George Oak

After that we stopped by Ufton Nervet Moat and Fish Ponds (GC19CHX) which wasn’t all that exciting, but I can imagine it’s somewhere that doesn’t get visited often. There was another traditional near here.

By the Fish Pond

Next was Rushall Farm Chalk Face (GC17NBW) which was pretty cool but nothing amazing. Again, I can imagine it doesn’t get much traffic.

At the chalk face

This led us to yet another traditional up the hill, past a field full of sheep and some cute donkeys.


Then onto Wonderful Wooton Bassett Mid Springs (GC1W082). Sadly due to a barb wire fence you couldn’t get too close, but it was quite interesting. Mud blisters are formed from vents in the ground that emit liquid mud and bring fossils to the surface. They are most active in the winter and I can imagine it’d be an amazing site, however today it was pretty dried up. It is apparently a unique site in Britain! I managed to slice my led on the barb wire fence as well, making a “blood spring” 😉 Ouch. This was probably the most potentially interesting virtual/earth today even though we couldn’t get too close.

Sadly not much activity today

We finished off with Leigh Delamere Quarry which was the remains of a rock face that they used to build the M4 out of. It was tucked away at one of the service places. Very cool as I bet hardly anyone knows about it. The rock face was really interesting to look at. I’m glad an earth cache was placed there because then at least someone (Geocachers) can still appreciate it.

At the remains of the quarry

The trip was rounded off with a trip to Puxton Park. It’s a little farm shop and huge kids play area. A friend told us to visit and get some country style sausages as they are the best in the world. We got some and some bacon for brekkie in the morning. And then we popped to a Helicopter museum (obviously not my choice, but if it keeps him amused…) for a quick wizz round. I couldn’t help giggling at one of the helicopter registrations (Oh, grow up Cass!!!)

Teeheehee, Baps!

Were nearly there now and I have to say all of the stop offs have made the trip zoom past! I highly recommend it!


2 Responses to “Virtuals/Earths on the way to North Devon”

  1. Sarah Harris Says:

    ooooh that Earthcache near Wootton Bassett looks like it will be worth checking out this winter, I’m only in Swindon but have barely touched any of the caches out in Wootton yet.

    Hope your leg recovered from the barbed wire

    I wish I could convince my family to stop off and cache on long road trips – they always want to get where we’re going as soon as possible instead.

  2. geocass Says:

    Yes, definitely go in the winter. The boggier the better! The paths to the cache are pretty clear and wouldn’t get too muddy, then hopefully you’d see the mud spring in full flow! We nearly grabbed the virtual and earth in Swindon too, but time was getting on.

    Surprisingly the scratch from the barb wire (That actually looks exactly like the scar on Harry Potter’s head, the lightening bolt) hurt less then a little scrape I got on my arm from a bramble bush!!!

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