My first hide

Hooray! Today we spent a fair bit of time getting our boxes loaded up ready for hiding and we even had enough time to lay them all down this afternoon.

We’d already found good locations on Friday afternoon and taken some coords. Today we grabbed a second set of coords whilst laying and they were pretty close so it’s all good news. We will grab a third, and final set of coords and then hopefully submit it in a week or so. Hopefully it won’t get muggled before then! Watch this space!


2 Responses to “My first hide”

  1. BabyDippy Says:

    Another UK blogging person! Fab blog. Come and do our series one day, we have a 3.5mile (12 cache series) that can link up with another cacher’s 8 mile (24 cache series).

  2. geocass Says:

    Hey BabyDippy! Checked out your trail. It’s a little far for us, I don’t think we will be going that way for a while, however I’ll keep it in mind incase we do! Thank you 🙂

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