A grey day…But reached our 750th find…

When I looked out of the window this morning I very very saddened to see it chucking it down. We’ve had such lovely weather for so many weekends in a row, I guess it was time the rain had a chance! So we changed our plans of a big cache trail near some marshes (Might be a bit wet, eh?) and decided to do a run of drive-by caches, something we don’t particularly enjoy but suited the conditions. For the morning, whilst the rain was tipping down we did a bit of shopping around Chelmsford. We got a few extra bits for camping and found a few more of those cool camping food pouches in a big sainsburys so we are well stocked for our next trip!

After shopping we started on the area. I took my DSLR in hope of some good snaps, but as it was quite a grey day I didn’t get anything too exciting. Strangely today was the day of finding traditional caches that weren’t traditionals! We started looking for one outside a church with the hint “log” after 5 mins searching and no log I had a look at the recent logs and description which revealed it was actually a multi! It involved grabbing 2 dates off of benches in the churchyard which was easy and the cache wasn’t far. After finding that we noticed another multi disguised as a traditional and a puzzle disguised as a traditional. We didn’t go for them. I would have thought the reviewer would have rejected the submissions and asked the owners to submit a different type of cache as after submission cache types can’t be changed… hmm…

I’m not very “into” church micros, but they are usually quick and easy with the cache being under 500ft from the church entrance and usually there is good, obvious parking so the majority of today’s finds were indeed church micros.

Pleshey church was an interesting visit!

Pleshey Church

The church was quite a nice building and whilst we were finding the cache we heard music. I know what you’re thinking… It’s a church, so bell ringing or organ playing. NO! Bagpipes! A man was playing outside so I couldn’t resist pretending I was photographing the church so that I could snap a quick piccie of him! What a racket! šŸ˜‰


Today did get us our 750th find though at Bobbingworth/Bovinger church so we are now half way to our goal of 1500 cache finds by 6th March 2011 (Our 1 year caching anniversary)

750th find at Bobbingworth / Bovinger church

I did however get some nice shots of fungus/mushrooms today, I am always facinated when I see it on trees, so was glad I had the DSLR to get some high quality shots.

Very interesting fungus near GC12QHJ

A mushroom hiding in the dark near GC1KM4X


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