My first hide – Keeping my promise

So on a previous recent post I promised to get my a*se in gear and get hiding! Well, you won’t be disappointed! Last night I applied Xylene to all boxes to remove the shiny coating and help the paint stick better, and today we spray painted all the boxes black. We printed off a load of labels and made up some covers for the log books.

I've blanked out the name and location

Then this evening we went for a walk around the area we plan to hide and spotted and photographed the locations (So I didn’t forget!) At each spot we placed the GPSr where the cache will be and took a reading. We will take several more before we publish and hope to place the caches on Sunday.

The Blackberries have just started to ripen

It’s basically a nice gentle circular trail along well maintained footpaths. A few tricky hides, but mostly not too taxing. The route on the Garmin showed 3 miles and we had found 13 spots! I thought this was a few too many, so we decided to cut a few out. So we have ended up with 4 smalls, 5 micros and a nano. I think this should be about right. So as promised, I’m starting the ball rolling on the hides! 🙂

The trail


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