Camping food

After our last camping trip we started thinking about some quick, easy and cheap meals we could have whilst away. We had a Vesta curry each one night which were a steal at 99p each, however took quite a while to cook and tasted a bit like dog food. So I had a look around at the special “camping foods” that exist. I thought they were quite pricey for what they were, £4-£5 each pouch.

Then I stumbled on some food that I’d seen in the Supermarket before. The range is called “Look what we found” and is apparently available in most supermarkets, but I’m yet to find it in Tesco. I have found the best place is Waitrose and today paid a visit and stocked up on 3 different pouches: Chili con carne: £1.99, Spag bol: £1.99 and a Lamb hotpot: £2.99. Also for £2.99 was some beef stew, and Meatballs. These can be cooked on the hob, or boiled in the bag. You will have to add a carb to have with them, but I think some of that rice in pouches, fresh pasta, and crusty bread for the hotpot would help produce a cheap meal in under 5mins that actually tastes half decent.

You can find the products on MySupermarket here. (Click Sainsburys or Ocado as you won’t find anything under Tesco). Alternatively you can order them online from Look What We Found! or The Jolly Gourmand. The online stores charge about £5 Next day delivery postage, but they have quite a variety to choose from!

Teddy picks which one he wants for dinner


2 Responses to “Camping food”

  1. Nursemike Says:

    Hi, I stumbled across your site/profile/blog by accident while looking up the Ostra antigua earthcache. i’m very taken with your ‘camp food’ section as I do a lot of hillwalking and camping myself. I agree with you about the taste of Vesta meals, but at £1, you can’t expect much, but I agree the ‘Look What I Found’ range is superb and has come down a lot in price. I had some of the first produced as free samples and I’ve been impressed with them ever since.
    For lightweight food, which is essential for backpacking along trails, I can recommend instant noodles (Batchelor’s or a supermarket equivalent) mixed with a sachet of Cup a Soup in a complimentry flavour ie beef noodles with tomato soup works very well. Quick, easy, light cheap and not unpleasent to taste. I also find that, when I carry them on a day walk in winter, and I whip up a hot meal in a couple of minutes while those around me are eating soggy sandwiches in the cold REALLY gives me hill cred! I love my Jetboil!

    • geocass Says:

      Thanks very much for the tips 🙂 I can imagine some nice warm noodles whilst out walking in the cold is great, we always have the soggy sandwich option!!! Can’t wait for the weather to warm up do we can go camping again!

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