Cass’ Big London Special Cache Bash

I’m thinking of organizing a little trip down to London to grab some of the special (Earth, Virtual, and Web cam) caches. I’ve done a lot of planning and it looks like you could grab 30-40 in a day.

I’ve been through all of the caches and created a word document with information on all of the caches available in the area, as well with a map showing the cache names and locations, and another showing a good order to do the caches in. I’m not sure whether just to go just the two of us or as a small group. If anyone reading this fancies doing this on say one Saturday in August, drop me a mail through (User cassandy)

Map of caches with labels

Cache map with directional arrows

Details of all of the caches can be found here:


5 Responses to “Cass’ Big London Special Cache Bash”

  1. Sarah Says:

    ooh I didn’t know there was an Earthcache near Loughton, I ought to combine that with a visit to my dad.

    Actually, did I see somewhere on your blog that you are in the Harlow area? or did I imagine that? if so, can you recommend any truly brilliant caches in your area, as I really SHOULD visit my dad soon 🙂 bad daughter. Getting some decent caches bagged will give me a bit of extra incentive 😉

    • geocass Says:

      Top marks for paying attention, yep we do cache in Harlow 🙂 and I can recommend some truly awesome caches…

      The caches along the river stort into the river lea towards London are amazing! With the stort navi caches you could start at Harlow Mill Beefeater (park there) and go down to the Moorhen pub and then back. Me and a friend did that in an afternoon. Then we finished them off on another day. The ones along the river are great and it’s a lovely walk with lots of pubs on the way. Definitely one of my favourite cache collections ever! 🙂 you can bike along the river all the way from Harlow into London. It’s great fun 🙂 great footpaths all the way down!

  2. Sarah Says:

    that sounds perfect, thanks, will definitely take in some of these over the summer

    As for stonehenge, there is a virtual there, but also a rather fun Terracache virtual that involves you dressing up as a druid 🙂

    Lots of other nice caches in the Salisbury area too, definitely worth a visit

    • geocass Says:

      Brilliant! I love any excuse to dress up and look like a plonker! Were camping in North Devon in August so will prob pass it or could modify the route so that we do go past.

      Were off camping near Brighton today. There are literally hundreds of trails around there so should pick up a good few caches over our stay 🙂

  3. Abi Says:

    I may be able to come with you…I can’t do the 7th or 14th as hubby is either fishing or recovering from an op and I’d have 3 young kids in tow which you probably wouldn’t want!

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