Automatically display cache names on maps

You may have seen my previous posts where I mentioned how I knock up my cache maps using paint and enter the cache names over the top to prepare a map for my travels with the caches clearly identified on it. Well, I had created all of my trails in GSAK, got them all nice and tidy and thought “I need to make a map” however, I thought rather than creating a map of over 1150 caches on it and manually labelling them maybe, just maybe there is a better way! 😀

So, I posted a message on the Geocaching forums and a lovely UK user got back to me. (I must say everyone on the Groundspeak forums seems so friendly, it’s great!) And YES there are ways to do it…

Way 1 (GSAK)

1. Create a filter in GSAK displaying all of the caches that you want to display on the map.
2. Download and install this (myGME) Macro.
3. Run the macro. On the Basic window choose ‘MAX’ miles for the radius to cover everything.
4. On the Advanced Window under ‘Cache Labels’ choose Expression and enter: “%shortname=10” (Where 10 is the amount of characters to display in the name. I choose ‘4’ for my maps of trails as there are a lot of names all over the map)

Enter this expression to shorten names to 4 chars

5. Click Run.
6. When the map displays, on the left under Show/Hide click ‘Cache Labels’
7. Your caches on the map will now have names 🙂

You can of course have much more impressive names than these!

Way 2 (Grease Monkey Script)

This script will totally enhance the maps. It will allow you to hide disabled caches, show names/GC numbers above the caches,
1. You need to be using the Firefox internet browser (And to be honest if you haven’t boycotted IE already you must be mad! Get Firefox, it’s free! :))
2. Install the Greasemonkey add-on from here. Restart Firefox when it asks you to.
3. Navigate the the User Scripts site.
4. If you search for “Geocaching” you will get a whole load of scripts (I plan to try and evaluate any of these that look half decent. Details will be in future posts.)
5. The one you want is GC Google Map Enhancements. Click the ‘Install’ button and you’re done.
6. Now automatically whenever you look at the map you will get all of these enhancements with tick boxes so you can turn them on and off.

Features Galore!


One Response to “Automatically display cache names on maps”

  1. Dave Lucas (shadoks) Says:

    Hi I tried to do both methods, but it looks like now that the maps on geocaching .com have changed it doesn’t work. Then I tried basecamp, and now all works fine, just have to take screenshot of map then print

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