GSAK Lock Multiple Records

I’m getting on pretty well with GSAK 🙂 We’re very good friends now! I loaded 2 PQ’s of the areas we are camping and used my trail macro to update the user data fields to identify trails. Some it missed, as they only had a few characters matching in the trail names so I did these manually. I then discovered my PQ’s didn’t quite cover all of the area that I’d hoped so I needed to import another set. I realised that this would overwrite my data that I’d enterred and whereas I could run the macro to replace most of the trail data, I would need to do the manual stuff all again.

So, I quickly knocked up a GSAK macro. It took about a minute. I turned on a filter for all records where User Data 2 is not empty (i.e. those I’ve labelled as trails) and then written a bit of code that just loops through the records shown by the filter and locks them all. Simples:

GOTO position=top
WHILE not ($_EOL)
$d_Lock = true
GOTO position=next


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