Tree climbing, angry cows, and decomposing logbooks

We went on a cache run today, and had quite a few adventures! It was a nice day out, the weather was not too hot and not too cold, just perfect. We decided to give a tree-climbing cache ring a go and surprisingly did quite well! I only climbed 1 out of the 3 trees we found caches in. There were 2 more but we assessed them as being too tricky and needing a climbing rope (Or monkey) to get to them. I enjoyed my climb! I was always too chicken as a kid to do any climbing, but dived straight up there today! Very satisfying!

Monkey Cass!

In other news, we’ve all heard about cows trampling people down trying to protect their babies. I didn’t believe it until today…

We passed through a herd of cows to a cache and they kept a good eye on us, but didn’t move. I was a bit scared, but we got through ok. After doing the trail, we tried to head back through the same field of the same cows and they all decided to charge at us! They stopped a little way from where we were (Hiding behind the style) and then two of them went to the front and really agressively went (you’ve guessed it) “MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Eek! But I’ve never heard a cow moo quite like that before. One had eyes of fire, with its ears back. It was so loud! If we had tried to get past them they would have definitely got a bit p*ssed off and we seriously could have got injured! We decided to take a different route and get another loop of caches. Very scary. Be careful out there, cachers!

Ironically these cows are in a field that
leads to a cache called "The Chase!

Finally, whilst doing the tree climbing route I noticed that most of the logbooks were soaked and one even came apart in my hand whilst I tried to pull it out of the container. Finding all 9 caches would lead to a bonus. Quite a few caches were missing, and pretty much all of the logbooks were very damp making the bonus pretty much impossible to find. I can’t understand why people lay caches without considering maintaining them! Surely it can’t be that tricky to pop back to your hides and leave a maintenance log once every 2 months, or even every 6 months? OK, rant over! It’s been a long day. Good night cachers…


2 Responses to “Tree climbing, angry cows, and decomposing logbooks”

  1. GeoCass’ Top 10 Tips for rating your caches « GeoCass UK GeoCaching Says:

    […] that finders are aware of them. An example is a footpath that goes through a cow field. Cows can be very touchy this time of year if they have their calves with them, especially if you have a dog. There have been a few occasions […]

  2. Xbox Spiel Says:

    Very enlightening and beneficial to someone whose been out of the circuit for a long time.


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