Streetmap 50k and 25k custom URLs in GSAK

I’m currently working on a big review of GSAK for the blog. I’m pitching it as a “My thinking process” review where I reveal features as I discover them, mention features that I think are the most useful, and add some little tutorial bits for the essentials so that you don’t have to read too much documentation if you want to get started quickly and already are quite confident using computers.

Streetmap is usually my mapping site of choice, so I thought I’d work on a custom URL for it. GSAK shows British OS grid references, however they are 5 digit ones (Anyone know what use 5 digit ones are?) however streetmap and all use 6 digit ones therefore, trying to get GSAK to link to it was a bit of a nightmare. I eventually got there in the end using:,%lon but this gave me more of a street view zoom level. Passing a zoom level would only work using the grid references, which I couldn’t use due to GSAK’s being 5 digit ones…

A quick Google pulled up this post on the groundspeak forums which lead me to a 50k Streetmap. Someone else mentioned so I had a play with their mapping service and managed to generate a 25K map. This is the view I always use to bring up a public footpath view. So I can now link GSAK caches to Streetmap πŸ™‚

Add the following lines to Tools –> Options –> HTML –> Custom URL and now when you right-click on a cache you can choose to pop-open the web browser directly to the Streetmap 25k or 50k maps.

Streetmap(25k)= %lon


4 Responses to “Streetmap 50k and 25k custom URLs in GSAK”

  1. GSAK Newbie – Massive Review and Tutorial « GeoCass UK GeoCaching Says:

    […] can also add your own options so that they appear on this list via the HTML tab. See my post on inserting Streetmap views into the list for an […]

  2. Hobgoblinkiteflier Says:

    Nice work!
    I like the 25k maps on the Streetmap site, which involves cutting and pasting the coordinates and editing out spaces and degree symbols. This will be very useful for me.
    There is so much in GSAK that most people don’t even know let alone don’t use.
    Looking forward to your review,

  3. Boggin's Dad Says:

    What an excellent feature, I would have never discovered it if it was not for this ‘blog. Makes planning those individual caches so much easier, and finding the start of footpaths.

    Just as an aside the 5 digit coordinates are the northings, or westing only. The full grid reference is a 10 digit number with the westing first. This gives a resloution of 1 metre, good enough for finding/hiding caches, the standard 6 figure reference is only accurate to 100 metres…..

    Thanks for the Information

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