Caching in Guildford

I went with my brother and mum to Guildford today (A 170mile round trip!) for my brother’s graduation ceremony. They were kind enough to let me hit two caches. Conveniently the ceremony was in Guildford Cathedral where a church micro cache was. A 500ft stroll from the Cathedral whilst we were waiting to enter for the ceremony took us straight to it.

I am extremely proud of my brother for what he has acheived. He studied a Bachelor’s in Computer Sound Design, and as much as I hate to admit it (as he’s my brother, sibling rivalry and all that!) his work is outstanding.

University of Surrey, Computer Sound Design class of 2010!

He’s hoping to become a media (TV, film, ads, etc.) composer and from what he’s shown me I think he’s really got what it takes. He got a First as his degree grade and he definitely deserves it.

A very proud sister! At least his graduation was in a nicer location than mind (Cambridge Cornex)

Whilst inside I took the opportunity to snap some pics of the beautiful cathedral. Flash photography wasn’t allowed, but the stained glass windows came out great with the light shining through them. Pictures all taken with a Nikon D70.

We also grabbed a virtual cache whilst there. It was my first ever. The virtual was an appropriate thing to grab today, as I was dressed quite smart and definitely not up for rummaging in bushes so at least I could get a cache without getting too mucky! A really lovely day. Good time had by all! šŸ™‚


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