GeoCaching Podcasts

There are some great GeoCaching podcasts out there and I’m really enjoying listening to them all. At first I wasn’t aware of them all and only found 2 by searching for ‘Geocache’ and ‘Geocaching’ in the iTunes store. However, as some of the podcasts reference others I started to realise there were a few more and searching of ‘Cache’ and ‘Caching’ yielded even more. Even though most of them are not from the UK, I’d still recommend listening to them. When they start talking about national events then it does get a little irrelevant, however 90% of the information is pretty much general GeoCaching talk.

Listed in the order I discovered them…

1) PodCacher – This one is a very popular one, you may have even seen it advertised on It’s an American podcast run by Sunny, Sandy and Sean (Their little one) and very much a family-friendly show chatting about their adventures, caching topics, and with stories from listeners. You can also call in your milestones to the show and they will play your voicemail.

2) Geocaching Podcast – Another American show usually weekly. Run by XpunkX, Darylw4 and montu_rider. This one is quite often live so you can listen on air and enter the chat rooms… if you’re up at that time of course! They have some quite good debates about Geocaching topics and share their points of view.

3) UK Geocaching podcast – Run by Collin, this one is very new and just for us UK cachers (Woohoo!) His blog can be found here. Even though there are only 2 real shows so far, I think there is great potential. Collin has a real ‘Easy listening’ voice (i.e. not a dodgy accent that really gets on your nerves like some podcasts and American tutorial videos ;)) and a good sense of humor. Personally I can’t wait until the next installment!

4) Cachers of the round table – A monthly discussion podcast. It’s American panel discussing GeoCaching and it’s full of really great information and debates, however it’s not very regular and saying it’s a “monthly” discussion is a term I’d use quite loosely as it generally happens when they are able to get enough cachers together. There are still quite a few previous episodes to listen to though.

5) Cache-A-Maniacs – Not my most favorite Podcast, but it’s OK. Includes interviews with other Cachers, mostly American.

6) GeoTalk – An Australian podcast (Also covering a snippet of New Zealand and a few mentions of what’s going on with GeoCaching around the world). Again some pretty good content about general GeoCaching. It’s interesting to hear talk of snakes, something that I have never encountered in my life. I can only imagine how crazy and dangerous GeoCaching down under can be. I’m quite keen on the Australian accent so I enjoy listening to this one.

7) Caching in the NorthWest – Covering the North West of America. I’m yet to give this one a listen. I had a listen to the 3 episodes of this today (13-07-10) and it was really pretty amusing. The hosts know each other well and there is a fair bit of humor. It wins the award for my favourite music in a podcast as it’s quite dancy and not cheesy. There’s also an amusing bloopers bit at the end. It’s hosted by The Bad Cop who has the rather interesting Geocaching Question of the Day over on his Twitter. They announce the question and answers that they get on the GC Podcast.

There are a couple of other Caching podcasts, but these are generally smaller and without any new content. There are hundreds of podcasts to get your teeth into, so no excuses! 😉


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