GeoCaching Software

I’m planning to add some posts on GeoCaching software. Had a nice email from Geocaching user DrDick&Vick yesterday who had seen my post complaining about GSAK. He recommended another piece of software to me that he uses called ‘GeoCaching Log‘ something I have never ever stumbled across. I checked out the GeoCaching Online Resource Directory software directory and noticed a whole array of software…

It seems that everyone uses GSAK, but just because it’s popular it doesn’t meant that it is the best (Or the only thing that you need). So, I’m going to have a look into all the available GeoCaching software (It will have to be PC-based software guys, I don’t touch evil Macs… Just evil iPhones ;)) I’ll hopefully post some reviews and tutorials and then I can really see what is out there. I am one for planning days out for cache runs and do a lot of prep, but rely on my “Construct maps of the area using M$ Paint” technique as I’m old skool! I can’t seem to rely entirely on paper-less caching! I like a nice big map of:
a) all of the caches in the area I will be so I can decide which to go to next, and
b) A big OS map because I will get lost without it!

I’m going to check out a few pieces of the software today before we go off on a cache run near Sawbridgeworth/Harlow/Epping. We are taking the bikes into Cycle King for chain tightening so that they are nice and safe before we take them off camping in a few weeks so figured as we are in the area we might as well grab some caches.

So watch this space…


2 Responses to “GeoCaching Software”

  1. Mark Says:

    Hi, hope that you haven’t already mentioned this, when you limit the waypoints when you export a GPX or send to gps, ie: I set mine to 5000 geocaches, If you have 6000 in your database, how does it decide which ones it chooses, 5000 nearest?

    • geocass Says:

      Good question. I’ve always wondered that, but never tested. I would guess it works on nearest, but can’t be sure. If you work it out I’d love to know!

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