BCaching.com Review

Name: I’d Rather Be Caching
URL: http://www.bcaching.com/
Type: Website

Main Features:
I’d rather be caching allows you to view GeoCache information on mobile devices. It’s dependent on you uploading your PQ’s to the site beforehand. This allows you, when you are out caching, to quickly see information on caches in an area. If you have GPS on your mobile device it allows you to view caches near you and use your current location. You can then view cache logs, description, hints, etc. in a really user friendly, simple format which won’t eat loads of bandwidth pulling down logos and images…

So first I navigated to the website and noticed that you need to sign up. I signed up using my usual GeoCaching username. After doing so I was then asked to upload a My Finds PQ. My initial reaction was “Why?” but I generated one and did it anyway. Next I continued navigating around the site and didn’t really think I could do much apart from upload pocket queries and look at my find logs. I was a bit confused at what the point of the site was. And then I logged onto it on my iPhone and OH MY GOD!!! It was amazing! 🙂 I guess there’s some code on the page that detects if you’re running it on a mobile and displays the site accordingly.

After logging in I did a search for “Harlow” (I had uploaded a PQ for around Harlow, Essex to the site so knew there should be caches). The site immediately asked me what I meant…

I confirmed that it was Harlow, Essex and it gave me a list of all the caches matching that location using my Pocket Querie(s).

Not only can you see the list of caches it will also draw you a map of them:

It will also pin-point your current location on the map if you ask it to. A nice touch. I’ll leave you with a sneaky peak of one of the cache pages. It’s an amazingly simple format. I particularly like the list of smilies that shows the most recent found it/didn’t find it smilies:

After testing it on the iPhone I switched to a Nokia 5800 and it’s just as good. With the Trimble Geocaching Navigator retailing at £26.99 (Extortionate when you consider the official iPhone GeoCaching app is only £5.99) this is a very handy website to visit when you’re out caching.

I really was bowled over when I visited this site on my phone. The layout of the cache pages are simple and it’s so easy to find the information that you are looking for. With some GPS screens being very small (And some of the cheaper GPSr’s not allowing you to see much, if any of the description at all, just allowing you to input co-ords) this website would be an amazing backup for anyone whilst out caching. I do use the iPhone app, but feel that if I just upload my PQ’s to this site I can navigate to the site and view information about the caches without using quite so much of my precious battery, and I think I’ll probably get the cache listing information quicker as the pages are basic. More importantly, it makes my Geo-Buddy’s Nokia 5800 not completely useless anymore when out caching. This is a site that I will definitely be using again in the future and would recommend it to all UK cachers with a mobile with a good data usage tariff (Quite a lot in the UK are unlimited nowadays anyway)

Final Rating:
9 out of 10. Outstanding!


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