Earth caches and more cache bag essentials

Today we went for a trip around Hanningfield reservoir (just south of Chelmsford). It was a lovely day out and we bagged 17 caches in the 10mile walk around it. We did however underestimate the time it would take and expected to be finished around 1pm, but weren’t done until 4pm. Unfortunately we didn’t take any food with us, but fortunately there was a cafe with some lovely bacon sarnies on the way round! They kept us going strong until we got back to the car. This leads me on to a new summer cache bag essential…

WATERMELON! Ok, you weren’t expecting that, eh? I had some waiting back at the car and boy was that good for replenishing the liquid lost on such a hot day! Another essential that I learnt from visiting the River Chelmer on a caching mission a few weeks ago after 8pm, is insect repellant (and bite cream). It worked very well! I put it all over my legs and all over my arms and didn’t get a single bite there, however the little b*stards got my bloody ankles!!! I will put a better covering on next time!

A couple of posts ago I mentioned that I wanted to get more adventurous with my cache finds and today we did. After the reservoir we drove to Billericay for two earth caches in a wood. It was simple. Take a pic of yourself at the site and email the owner some estimates of measurements of the features in the earth caches! Simples! We then rounded the day off with 3 church micros. A day of 22 cache finds. A really enjoyable trip out in the sun! 🙂

Earth cache proof – Me on a deer bank

Me in front of the Tumulus


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