Drippy cache

We went back to our rock under the stepping stone last night. As we expected there was water in the film cannister. There was only a little, but if someone didn’t seal the bag properly the log would get soaked 😦 It seems some pond life was fooled by the rock as well as there were little sluggy things living in there! Hehe! Also, the stone we put on the opposite end was starting to crack the base of the plastic rock.

We’ve brought the cache back home. I plan to glue a small weight to the side of the cache to help it sink, and also replace the cannister with a Red Bull energy shot cannister that has a screw top. I will wrap it in Gorilla tape to thicken the sides. This one won’t get water in it, as I have refilled one and taken it running with me in my pocket for a quick shot of water. I didn’t get a wet pocket so all should be fine!

I’ve also used the xylene on 2 tupperware boxes. Its very nasty stuff, so anyone trying it themselves should be extra careful and don’t breathe it in! I wore two pairs of Nitrile gloves and put the chemical on the boxes using a rag. I then left them to dry overnight (In the garden) and in the morning the shiny coating on the boxes had magically disappeared. Now just got to get some spray paint to coat them! Happy days! 🙂


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