“Special” Caches

We all know about the usual traditional, multi, and unknown cache types, but what about the more special types of caches? Our 501 cache finds have all been either traditionals, multi’s or unknown caches. We’ve never enterred the realms of virtuals, earth caches, letter boxes, or webcam caches. However, I think I’m ready to take the dive.

I had a good idea of what each one was, but wasn’t confident to give them a go. To be honest, they sound a lot easier than normal caches as you don’t look suspicious hunting for a container. So for anyone who isn’t sure, here’s a quick rundown…

Webcam Cache
Around the country are web cams that keep an eye on town centres, weather and traffic. To get a smiley for a web cam cache, you simply visit it and stand in front of it. You then phone a friend and ask them to visit the web cam link and take a screen shot of you. You then send that to the cache owner or upload it to your log and your find. My plan is to visit them and stand in view whilst my caching buddy uses my iPhone to visit the web page and grab a pic of it. I’ve already got my eye on a web cam close to me (About 17miles away) that I could use as my own. The web page updates every 10 seconds and it looks great. I won’t publish the location here as I’d like to grab it first before anyone else. 🙂

Virtual Caches
With a virtual you go to a location and take a picture of yourself there, and/or answer some questions by visiting the place and reading information, a plaque, etc. at that location. Email the answers/pictures to the cache owner and you have got your smiley. There is no box to hunt for! 🙂

An EarthCache is a location where there is something geologically exciting about the earth. EarthCaches include some educational information about the earth. Like virtuals they often include photo taking and some research in the area but they are more geology-related.

Letterbox Cache
I’m not totally au fait with letterboxing, so will need to do a bit more research before I attempt them. However, a brief overview is that letterboxes use clues rather than co-ords. Sometimes they are hybrids and the owner has made it both a letterbox and a geocache.

You also have events, mega events, where I go caches (Which sadly my Dakota doesn’t support so I will just ignore them), Cache In Trash Out, and the locationless “Reverse Caches” which sound mega exciting, but I don’t believe we have any in the UK. Reverse caches are little boxes with electronics which are porgrammed with co-ordinates. The box must be taken to the co-ords before it opens. These are little projects that you can build yourselves, but I think it’d cost at least £50 to do one. It’s something right up my street (I have fond memories of attempting to build guitar effects pedals as a kid!) but perhaps a little pricey…

We don’t have that many special caches in the UK. I produced a pocket query to generate all in the south east of England and there are only 271. I bet there are millions in the USA!

Special caches in the south east of England


4 Responses to ““Special” Caches”

  1. Slightly Tall Paul Says:

    Hello Cass,

    Just discovered your blog this morning, so I haven’t read much of it so far. I have one (or two) myself, but never have the time to update it!

    To let you know about letterboxes; I have one myself (it actually my 5-year-old daughter’s), GC28M0N, Eleanor’s Sweetie Jar. The idea of a letterbox is that you leave an image in the logbook, rather than a written log. To this end letterboxers carry a stamp and inkpad so that they can quickly leave an image, you could instead leave stickers or a drawing or a rubbing of a coin or whatever image you prefer.

    I’ll get on with reading your blog now, looks interesting so far!

    Happy caching, STP

  2. geocass Says:

    Hi Slightly Tall Paul,

    Thanks for the information on Letterboxes. That does certainly make it a fair bit clearer. I think I may have to go for one soon! 🙂 Glad you’re enjoying the blog. Appreciate the comment!


  3. Daryl Stocker (jacaru) Says:

    Hi Cass, well for a start I have booked the hotel room. For those of you who don’t know, you’d better ask Cass!

    You could also now add Mumzee to your list. Not an actual geocache, but a new game that is already proving to be a hit. Some Mumzee’s are already placed in caches around the country for people to find. Others are in places of their own.

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