Geocaching v4 iPhone App

This morning I was pleased to see a new update for the Geocaching iPhone app. There are some cool new features. It now supports Google maps, allows you to add pictures to your logs and log trackables, clearly shows your location on the home page and allows you to add field notes to a cache. The interface has changed a little too. I have to say I preferred the old one but I guess the new one will grow on me. I particularly like that you can now search for 30 caches in an area, up from 20. I noticed that the upgrade removed all of my saved caches! This was ok as I recently had to totally wipe my phone and only had a couple in there. I think this may disgruntle a few users…

I’m also still trying to work out what’s so great about iPhone multitasking. If I go to an area in the geocaching app for example, then close the app and re-open it from the ‘open apps’ area the app just opens from the beginning. I don’t see the advantage of it yet! What’s the point in having it running in the background if it doesn’t pick back up where I left off?

iPhone Geocaching v4 Search for Caches

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