Cache and Splash (Part 2)

I checked on the cache this morning and the glue has dried nicely. Those little magnets aren’t going to come off without a fight! I packed the film cannister with a printed logbook, in a sealed bag. On the cannister I placed a sticker and covered it in Sticky-back plastic to stop it peeling off under water…

Suspicious? Moi? But I am just a rock...

Next came the sink or float test. Sadly the rock failed 😦 It floated due to air in the cannister. I placed a heavy stone in the opposite end of the cache and it sunk! Hooray! I think it would be good to find a more suitable sized rock and glue it in place.

Busted! OK, OK, You got me! I'm a GeoCache!

We took Teddy for a walk to the spot and had to wait as two muggles and muggle dogs passed. After the coast was clear I dived in and placed the cache under the stepping stone. It sunk! πŸ™‚

The cache in its hiding place

And finally I covered it with a smaller stepping stone so you can’t actually see it without moving it.

All covered up

I stupidly forgot to bring my Dakota so couldn’t start any waypoint averaging for it 😦 So that’s my first hide. I do feel a bit nervous because a lot of kids play down there and I’m really fond of this hide. I hope that no-one discovers it and steals it or I’ll be heart broken. We will go back there on Thursday and check how its getting on. The main thing is that the log stays dry. If the cannister is full of water when we go back I think I will need to get a new cannister and may invest in some waterproof paper. I haven’t submitted it for publishing yet. I will wait a few weeks to see how it gets on. Watch this space πŸ™‚


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