Cache and Splash!

On Friday night (Whilst doing a trial run of camping in the garden! LOL!) we watched a film called ‘Splinterheads’. It’s basically about a nerdy guy and a cool girl who works for a travelling fairground. They meet and they end up getting to know each other better. Most of their dates are GeoCaching adventures, however it’s not the nerdy guy’s choice, but the cool girl who is into it. They find a few caches together, he gets a bit beat up by her bad guy boyfriend, but in the end they all live happily ever after! I thought it was quite a positive portrayal of GeoCaching. They went out doing it and got to like each other and had a good time. There was nothing negative in there at all. Anyway, the first cache in the film that they find together is underwater. She dives in and grabs it. I hadn’t thought of putting a cache underwater before watching this film, but it’s given me inspiration…

There’s a stream on one of the footpaths that we were checking out for hiding places that Teddy always goes into for a little drink. It’s crystal clear and the water looks lovely. It’s right next to a nice bridge and across the stream are some stepping stones. The down side is quite a lot of kids to play in the stream. I climbed down the bank to it and noticed that under one of the stepping stones is a nice big gap. I plan to use the rock I got from the aquarium with a micro film cannister inside it and slip it under the stepping stone. The finder will have to put their hand in the water and pull it out, and there is the possibility of them getting a little wet if they go looking on a day when there has been a lot of rain, but on the whole I think it will make an awesome hiding location!

First we put some Araldite inside the rock and placed a nice strong magnet on top of it

A strong magnet held in the rock with Araldite

We experimented with using a piece of metal inside the rock, and the magnet in the film cannister but I didn’t think it felt tight enough. With a magnet in the cannister AND the rock it’s pretty hard to prize these little lovers apart!

Magnet in the bottom of the film cannister

Now I’ve just got to wait 12 hours for it to dry to test it out and double check I put the magnet in the right way round! Hehe!


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