New Features

Well, I was a bit gutted when went down last night as I was busy scouting out caches to camp near, but I particularly like one of the new features now that it’s back. On the far right hand side is a feedback tab that allows you to suggest enhancements to the site and for other users to comment and ‘Like’ your idea. A kind of facebook/twitter thing. A couple of ideas have popped up that I like the sound of: A cache container type for nanos (I do think that knowing the size of the container you are looking for helps you find it. Sometimes you will overlook some spots if you wrongly interpret to be in a different container), Viewing more than 500 caches at a time on the maps – Although I would guess it’d slow the maps down if they did this, Bring back virtual caches. (Although I haven’t done any yet I think they’re a neat idea and plan to do some in the future) and some way of logging FTFs although I think this may be a little more tricky to implement and regulate than it sounds. It would be cool though to get some “credit” for your mad rushes to cache sites at stupid times of the morning just to grab that FTF (I’m guilty as charged!!! ;))

It’s good to see that there are comments from Groundspeak’s guys on some of the suggestions. It shows that they’ve implemented the feature and are actually listening to what people say… at least for now anyways! 😉


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