Camping Adventures – Getting the equipment

Well, I’ve mentioned in a previous post that I’ve decided to give camping a go! I thought I’d add a little bit on my journey so far. It’s not been a very exciting one, I’ve just been getting the bits and pieces together that I need…

I ordered a Gelert Oxygen 4 tent. It’s 4-man tent that stands 210cm tall (So pretty darn big), a nice thick airbed, and a nice sleeping bag. Along with that come a couple of tables (One small, one big), some aluminium bowls, plates and a mug, and a water container with a tap. At the weekend I got a cool Campingaz stove with 2 hobs and a grill. We were debating which gas to get for it as you have the choice of Campingaz (Expensive, but same brand as stove), Calor (Widely available but heavy bottles, quite cheap to refil) and BP gas (Propane, light bottles, only really available at homebase and slightly more expensive to refill). As the box recommends Campingaz which is Butane I was thinking of getting Calor gas for it which is also Butane, however the bottles are pretty heavy and I noticed that Homebase only do the BP Propane. The idea of having a nice light bottle which you can see the gas level in really appeals to me. I did a quick google and looks like people say you can use propane for camping stoves so I’m going to grab a 5kg bottle of that and a regulator and after that, well, I guess you can say we’ll be cooking on gas! HAHAHA! (Oh dear *Everyone rolls their eyes*)

So I’ve booked the Thurs afternoon and Friday starting 22nd July off of work and we plan to go for our first camping adventure. I am still doing my research into where we should go, but to start with I’m looking at no more than 2.5hours drive away.


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