Trust no-one! (not even cachers!)

On Saturday we went caching in Chelmsford (for about the 4th time and there are still loads left!). We were hoping for a big yield of 25-30 but sadly came away with 15-ish.

We spent about 3 hours shopping for camping stuff in town first. As I mentioned in my last post were running out of local caches! Yeah we still have the ones dotted around everywhere but I don’t really enjoy driving from cache to cache especially when it’s hot! We like big cycle rides and long trails and they are running out! So my big brainwave is CAMPING! I’m really surprised that I want to do it as I remember saying I would NEVER go camping! I guess since starting geocaching I’ve become a more outdoorsy person and camping sounds like amazing fun!

Anyway, I digress…

So shopping ate away 3 hours of our day. After that we headed out on a 10-cache trail which was great fun! We then headed for a 6-cache trail and that’s when our bad luck started…

We missed #1 as there were too many muggles at that time and headed straight to #2 and #3 which we found with no problem. We worked out using the hint exactly where #4 should be but it wasn’t there. I guessed muggling. #5 was meant to be under a small footbridge. We found it’s hole and the 2 logs hiding it but nothing! 2 caches in a row muggled? Hmm… #6 didn’t seem to be there either and then we went back to #1 and it too was gone!!! I was so disappointed! We had trekked quite a few miles for nothing!

When home i emailed the owner with the DNF details. It was obviously a targeted attack! The owner told us that she had a dispute with a cacher when she disallowed their finds! The owner thinks they may have purposely taken them! I can’t believe another cacher would do that! I do feel like we cachers are a community. I work in IT and if someone I know is a cacher (there are surprisingly a couple where I work!) has a computer problem I give them “Cass gold service” and go out of my way to help them!

I’d never sabotage a cache and if someone disallowed one of my finds then I’d just go back and make sure that I find it again “officially”! I’d never take something from a cache without replacing it and where possible I try to swap trackballs rather than just take one (I did have to do this at first of course to get a few!) and I also try and repair caches if I’m able to (E.g. Reassembled and dried out a few caches that were lying all over the place). I consider myself a good cacher who plays by the rules and hoped that everyone else would be as well! Yeah I get pissed off when caches are stupidly hard to find (we had one of them on Sat which required tree climbing a very overgrown tree. The cache was placed 3 1/2 years ago so I guess it used to be a lot easier) but I don’t do anymore than perhaps curse the owner! My dad was questioning some of my cool cache containers that I’ve been assembling over the past few weeks, “Someone will nick that” he said. I told him they wouldn’t as everyone abides by the unspoken Geocaching rules and you just wouldn’t steal it! Maybe I’m too trusting and should have a rethink! I hate stupidly hard hides and crap, overgrown footpaths so I do plan to place mostly easy hides so I hope not to piss off anyone enough to make them want to sabotage my hides!!!!

I don’t feel so disappointed now I know that we didn’t did them because they weren’t there, but I still would have hoped to have grabbed 20 for the day. Nevermind, were only 25 away from the 500 mark! šŸ™‚


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