Muggle to cacher conversions

Back to Saturday again… Yeah it was a pretty eventful day! I’ve thought of a new a new addition to our caching bag (along with insect repellant and bite cream after also getting eaten alive on that day)

We got asked what we were doing 3 times on Sat (one was by a police officer, but he was quite cool!) and have been asked numerous times in the past. I guess were just good at looking suspicious! I’ve come out with some crap excuses which people usually buy however being honest is usually the best policy! Unless it’s a kid that asks we usually say “Were geocaching” and explain (which is sometimes a bit of hassle once you have been asked so many times in one day) and people then ask a couple of questions and then look at us as if were crazy. That’s fine! However…

On Saturday we met the friendliest muggle family you could ever bump into! The mum, dad and little boy and girl were sitting on the grass next to their bikes enjoying a hot dog. I kept a fair distance and searched a tree but it wasn’t there. I was sure it was in the tree close to them but didn’t want to raise suspicions and just went back to the car. Just before we pulled off the mum in her mid/late 20’s rushed over and very politely asked what we were doing and asked if we were taking readings from the tree with our GPS (hehe! Great excuse! I’ll have to use that some time!) so we went into out usual brief explanation and waited for the crazy look. Instead we got “Wow! That’s amazing! I can’t believe I’ve never heard of it!” and a whole array of questions! So we stepped out the car and explained to her and her family who had curiously came along to find out more. They were so unbelievably excited by it all and all helped with the search! The mum found it in the end and she was just over the moon! They said they were going to go and get a GPS next week and do it! And the little boy was excited about going treasure hunting! I usually hate kids but he was adorable and afterwards I just wanted to grab a load of children and take them caching (I might get arrested though! ;))

I wrote on the back of her hand “geocaching”, the GC number and our username so they could find out more. I hope they take it up as like us they were really not your stereotypical cachers!

So I think a great idea would be to print off a few business cards with a little info on Geocaching to give to anyone that asks and maybe we can make a few more cachers out of muggles! They could also be good to give to fellow cachers so they know who we are. I HATE the calling cards people leave in caches. They’re just crap! I don’t plan to leave any in caches just hand to people. I think anything that spreads the word of Geocaching has got to be good!


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