When is a footpath not a footpath?

When there’s no sign! Duh! Ah, but what about this…

Were nearly at the 500 mark for finds now and it’s starting to feel like everything in a realistic distance has been discovered! It’s time to branch out further afield and also lay our own…

We went exploring last night around fields that we walk Teddy and found some really good hiding places for a circular trail (my fave kind of caches) We then discovered that the fields that we walk around are not public footpaths! There are paths around the edges, but not though them (i.e. either side of the fields) This really shocked us as we walked around them many evenings last summer as do hundreds of people, especially dog walkers! Very rarely do you not bump into someone around there! Last year the farmers even saw us in their tractors and waved to thank us for moving out their way when they were passing through! I’m contemplating laying a trail around these paths. If I do the trail that we walk it becomes a 7mile trail, sticking to the proper footpaths is a 4mile trail. Our paths are so well maintained and you can not only walk but also bike around them! I think I might bite the bullet and lay the trail around our paths (there is also another cache in the woods there that is along part not marked as a footpath)

We found some really great hiding spots and tonight after studying the OS maps have spotted another circular footpath area that we haven’t investigated before. We plan to jump on the bikes and give it a go tonight!

And so the hiding begins…


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