More DIY containers

So, with a little help from my dad and his trusty drill I have 4 more DIY cache containers. They are mega cool…

These must be the world's biggest pine cones! I need to paint the tips brown or something though as they are coloured.

I found this golf ball whilst out on a cache trip! I've seen these done online but thought it would be way more fun to make my own!

I've been trying to find a stick this size for ages to put my cache in, but my Dad came out on top and found this one! The perfect size!

I can’t wait to lay these! Tomorrow I fly off to ‘La Palma’ an Island in the Canary Islands. There’s a cache there within 5 miles of the resort that I’m going to go to with a non-geocaching friend of mine (However she’s been on a few cache adventures with me in the past so I wouldn’t call her a muggle!) When I get back from holiday I can’t wait to hide these little beauties! See you in a weeks time! 😀


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