Footpath Rant

Why, why, why (Delila) can’t cache owners post waypoints for footpath starts or footpath turnings? Obviously you don’t need them all, but just a start would be good. What about parking co-ords? Do they think everyone walks everywhere? No! We have cars nowadays and we need somewhere to put them. SO… your cache is in the middle of a field. Where do we park? Where does the footpath start? Don’t worry, we’ll just drive round endlessly looking for it, shall we? Grrrr… OK, rant over. 45mins today looking for a footpath that turned out to be totally overgrown and horrible to travel along is now out of my system…

Some owners do post parking and footpath co-ords, and we really appreciate that they do. I think it’s absolutely essential and when we do our hides we will make sure we make it clear!!!


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