A new container and another order

Today I placed an order on Geotees so that it will be here by the time I get back from my holiday and I can start hiding some caches! 😀

I ordered some camo tape, 2 nanos + logs and 4 camo bags. Also ordered a Travel Dragon Bug and a Bunny bug to travel with us! I ordered 3 really cheap ammo cans from eBay – hopefully they won’t be too crap along with some expanding foam to fill my coconut (I think it could come in handy for other cache creations too!

Whilst out doing a cache trail tonight my buddy said “That would make a good container” I looked down and saw nothing but stones, “Where?” They pointed down and told me to step back. It was one of those Monster energy shot drink containers. Brilliant! They are a little flimsey but I think after covering them with some camo tape they’ll be great! I’ve got about 8 more smaller Red Bull energy shot drinks that a friend gave to me after a promotion she had at work so I can use them for the same thing too. I’ve got containers a plenty now! [:D]

A great idea for a cache container!


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