DIY cache container #1

I had a great idea for a cache container I could make whilst browsing an online reptile shop at the weekend. They had coconut shell caves for lizards to hide in. A whole coconut cave was £3.99. I thought this would be great for a cache, but then remembered that coconuts are pretty cheap (57p from Tesco infact) so I grabbed one…

I had a spare film cannister that we wanted to fit in the hole. Sadly we didn’t have a big enough drill bit to go straight in, so we drilled a 16mm hole to start with and drained the milk. I drew around the cannister bottom on the coconut around the hole to mark how large we needed to make it. I started scraping the sides with a chisel to try and make the hole bigger but that was a very slow process. Next we tried drilling several small holes around but the drill bits weren’t strong enough to break through without taking ages. Finally we grabbed a “Metal drilling” drill bit and jerked it around the hole so it slowly widened it. After 5 mins of drilling we had a hole that the film cannister popped in and sat just nicely so that it could be glued tightly and the finder just needs to remove the lid.

I think the canister should be glued into the hole and the coconut filled with something so if the finder drops it it has some padding to help stop it cracking. I was thinking of that expanding foam but that can be quite expensive. I’m very pleased with the final container, the canister fits in there so snug! 😀

The coconut after the full hole drilled and all flesh removed

The container in the hole

The container with the lid on, snug! 🙂

In other news I also finally found a good supply of film cannisters. The good news? I managed to get 40 of them (All black). The bad news? I had to get them from in Germany with 9EUR postage! I made it worth my while though and stocked up on mini stickers, zip bags, 2 travel dog tags, and magnets. The stock was cheaper than over here as the Euro conversion is just a bit better than pounds.


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