GPX Files

Yesterday I thought I’d give the program GSAK a go. It’s a waypoint management tool that allows you to upload your GPX files and sort through them. A cool idea and from user profiles I notice quite a lot of people use it. I can’t help thinking it feels a bit “Clunky” and out of date though. I run Windows 7 and have lost count of the amount of times it has crashed…

I know a bit of C# and figured in the future I could have a go at knocking up something a bit more modern looking, with added functionality. I notice that GPX files are just .xml files, so they are quite easy to parse. So this may be a project in the future. My C# isn’t great, so I think it’d be a fun little project to help develop my skills and hopefully make something useful for the Geocaching community. I don’t want to duplicate GSAK’s functionality, just extend on it. An idea I have is creating something that allows you to generate a stylish Geocaching profile that after a bit of a playing with CSS I think we now have. I’m thinking a way that you can choose a few different layouts and generate a page from your “Found” GPX files that shows some stats, etc. could be fun! Also, I would LOVE an Ordnance survey map that shows all of the geocaches on a trail/walk along a footpath. If I can get hold of an Ordnance Survey map site that allows you to use its API I could generate this. I know that would be mega useful!!!


2 Responses to “GPX Files”

  1. Schoolfrenz Says:

    I’ve done quite a bit of GPX/OS programming in PHP and Javascript. See above.

    • geocass Says:

      Ha! That’s bloody amazing!!! I am totally envious! I spent a few days messing around with the idea but I’m afraid my C# just isn’t up to scratch. I need to go on a course really! I’m off on holiday for a week or so today but when I get back I’m going to look into a course that work can send me on (I need to go on one anyway for an ASP project at work 🙂 Good fun!) I think it may be that I just need to be a bit more rehearsed in C# to knock up what I wanted. I’m thinking something like Python may be better suited as that’s worked well for me in the past for reading and manipulating CSV files on an assignment we had to do at Uni. JavaScript and PHP didn’t really cross my mind but what you have created looks phenominal!

      I think I will just have to direct my efforts into knocking up cool cache containers, I don’t know if I’ve got the time to code what I wanted, I think I may have been a bit ambitious. I guess im just one of those computer geeks that gets excited if I see a reason to code! Hehe! Maybe one day…


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