Geocaching excuses

Quite a few times whilst out Caching me and my GeoBuddy have been asked “Have you lost something?” or what are we doing. Usually we’re quite honest and tell people about Geocaching. Some people know what it is, but others have no idea and are intrigued! One old boy saw us rummaging in a woody area by the side of the road once and didn’t ask us what we were doing as he thought we were ferreting! (Which he thought was perfectly acceptable) we realised that we may look a little suspicious, so we explained about Geocaching. I love the fact that he wasn’t the slightest bit bothered by the fact that we may be ferreting! He way a lovely guy though, a real pleasure to meet…

At the weekend whist searching a large drain grate I had a girl approach and ask “What’s down there?” I replied, “Ahhh, wouldn’t you like to know?” and walked off. The cache wasn’t on the drain grate and I suspect it was on the climbing frame in the park that her and the other little rats were playing on which we couldn’t get to. I think back to it now and think I should have told her there’s a child-killing monster down there and it’s feeding time very soon so her and her friends better disappear… Then we could have got the cache! HAHA! 🙂

Today my geo-bud was out searching for a cache and a couple of kids caught him off guard and asked what he was doing. He quickly concopted the most amazing story that he was walking his dog earlier and lost the tag off of his collar. He quickly palmed the trolley £1 off of his keyrings and showed them it and said he’d found it before disappearing. They believed him! I couldn’t have thought of a story that fast, so am totally impressed! The annoying thing was that just as the kids came up to him he had sighted the cache and was just about to grab it!*sigh* He had to leave it for another day.

So that’s got me thinking of another thing to add to your GeoCaching arsenal: A couple of really good excuses to explain why you’re covered in twigs, look like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards and have spent the past 15mins searching in the undergrowth!!!


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