Photoshop to the rescue…

I’m working on quite a few hide ideas for caches at the moment…

As I mentioned in my previous post my “Interesting caches” series (got a few new ideas this evening as well which I won’t mention incase anyone reads this and goes looking for my future hides – it may spoil it!) Still need a Teddy-related name for this…

Next is my series of computer-related puzzles. Had a couple of amazing ideas that I can string together for my “Cyber Ted” series.

And finally my first original ideas which are my “Sir Teddy of Essex” stories which include literature and illustrations about a furry little adventurer! I plan to lay 10 caches in the trail (circular walk) and you have to find the previous cache before you find the next so the story runs in order.

Well, I’ve done 15 or so illustrations for it and scanned them in. I’ve previously been using Photoshop Elements for it and simply adding a layer over the sketch and colouring. This was ok but a) you smudge and fade the outlines and b) the background remains grey and textured.

Take 2 included using a levels adjustment layer, budging the top layer (blacks) down a bit to darken them and the middle layer (greys) up a bit. I then went round with the magic wand tool and made the background transparent so that I can paint underneath. This solves or problem: the outline doesn’t get faded, however as Harry Potter found out too all that wand waving was time consuming to say the least! 😉

Now I’m equipped with Photoshop CS5 and boy it’s a time saver! Now I do the same level adjustment, the duplicate the layer and set it’s mode to multiple. Now the blacks get blacker and the whites get whiter. You can do this a couple of times until you get the result you want. I then merge the layers into one and use the magic wand tool to delete all the white. As the whites are whiter (sounds like a toothpaste advert!) it’s easier to grab and delete! So I can get my colouring done a lot quicker! 🙂

Now, just got to find somewhere (foothpaths) to put all these!!!!!


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