A pet shop – A source of inspiration

Today we went caching in Bourn (North of Cambridge, UK) and were led to a cache in Hardwick just outside the car park of a Pet Shop. We had Teddy with us so decided to pop in and get him a ball as he’d been good all day.

A very happy Teddy, squeaking all the way home!

After grabbing that, we passed the aquarium section. I was immediately inspired! Plastic plants, plastic logs, plastic rocks, and special aquarium logs with holes in them. I grabbed one of the plastic rocks and it was hollow! I love the idea of hiding fake rocks for caches but they are always the same rock!!! I am now the proud owner of a rather large fake rock and it only cost me a couple of quid more than your standard Geocaching rock (It was £6.99) The downside is that it doesn’t have a bottom, however it’s large enough to fit a micro for the log and a larger container for swaps, etc. underneath. I’m thinking of getting some magnets to hold the containers underneath it. I love the idea of it as it’s a totally different rock container!

I also grabbed a fake aquarium plant which I think I can attach to the top of a container that is buried in the ground. I love the idea of a fun series of caches. I also picked up a couple of cool snail shells for 50p each. They are quite big ones. I’m thinking of a series to start off with using these great containers. Just need to get a couple more different containers and I’m there! Very exciting! To eBay we go… However I think these sort of things are best found wandering randomly in garden/pet shops. Very pleased with my finds today!!!


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