There’s got to be more to it than tupperware!

We bumped into the cache owner of a series we were doing tonight. His idea was to place something more interesting than Tupperware and on the series we found a rock container, bird hanging from a tree with the log up it’s bum, and a garden gnome outside his house where we met him! He mentioned some caches in the area with codes encrypted using the algorithm of the enigma machine, caches where you have to line up a laser pen along nails to shine the direction of the next one and a cache where you had to form a team with someone it the US, Germany and Australia where each of you had to find caches and give clues to the other team members so they could find them in their countries and eventually everyone gets their own final! Wow!

Before that we had started a puzzle cache that required forming a picture from Lego blocks which had co-ords listed on the back! That was fun!

Makes me want to think hard about doing something different with my future hides. Numbers are everywhere. There is definitely more to it than Tupperware!!!!! 🙂


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