Cache bag essentials

So every cacher has their caching bag! I think the longer you do it, the more you realize you need. So what do you have in your bag? Here’s a sneaky peak in ours…

1. A Rucksack
Well firstly you need a good rucksack. I like Jeep ones (You can pick a good one up cheap from most TK MAXX stores) as they are nice and durable, but Karimor ones are also quite cheap and sturdy. One with side pockets for you to carry a drink for easy access, and a couple of pens so that you can grab them quickly when signing logs in areas with a lot of muggle traffic!

2. Swaps bag
A little bag to carry all GeoCoins, trackables, and any swaps as you definitely don’t want these loose in your rucksack as you may lose them.

3. Pens, pens, pens
Biro’s are probably best as some of the log books are made from that waterproof paper and rollerball just rubs off. A spare pencil as well just in case your pen runs out.

4. Keep the dog happy!
Dog treats, small dog bowl, and a bottle of water. An essential for keeping my dog Teddy happy on long caching trips!

5. Hand cleaning gel
Some of that Anti-bacterial hand gel like what they have in hospitals for cleaning your dirty hands after searching, or before having lunch.

6. A Torch
You never know how long your caching trip is going to last, and sometimes they sure do go on into the dark. A torch is also handy for shining under bridges or in holes in trees in woods where the light isn’t all that great.

7. Batteries
Spare batteries for the GPSr, all recharged and ready.

8. iPhone car charger
Plus lead and spare battery attachment. We use my iPhone as the secondary device for caching as it’s also great for navigating to a cache to find parking. The main downfall is that the battery life is terrible! So I have a car charger with a spare battery that adds about 23% to battery life.

9. A change of clothes
You can usually get away with leaving these at the car: Spare change of jeans, socks, and shoes for caching in the rain. On sunny days I sometimes like to wear my shorts, so take a change of trousers in my backpack to put over the top in case I need to get into nettles.

10. A map!
A map of the area you are caching. Mine is usually created using the method I detailed in my previous posts.

11. A small notebook
For scribbling down co-ords, or clue answers. Also handy for keeping track of the caches you found/didn’t find and if you swap a lot of trackables it’s a good idea to track what you placed where!

12. A Pack of tissues.
Tissues always come in handy!

13. Gardening gloves
Do you *Really* want to put your hands in that stinging nettle bush? NO! Gardening gloves are absolute essentials for searching in tricky spots!

14. A rain mac
I don’t usually take this with me if the forecast is good, but if it’s a bit cloudy you never know when it’s going to chuck it down. Mine’s just a cheap one from Primark so it also comes in handy as ‘protection’ from brambles and dirt as I’m not too worried if it gets ripped or dirty.

15. Cycling bits
If we’re going out on the bikes we make sure that we have a pump, puncture repair kit and a bike repair toolkit. You never know when something’s going to stop you in your tracks!

Cache Bag Essentials

Don't leave home without 'em!


3 Responses to “Cache bag essentials”

  1. David Says:

    1: a pair of tweezers for getting logs out of tight caches and brambles out of people.

    2: opinion is that jeans are not good walking gear as when wet/cold they don’t dry quickly and you can suffer discomfort or worse!

  2. smstext Says:

    craghopper trousers gooutdoors was doing an offer on them and i totally recommend them.

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