My first hide

Hooray! Today we spent a fair bit of time getting our boxes loaded up ready for hiding and we even had enough time to lay them all down this afternoon.

We’d already found good locations on Friday afternoon and taken some coords. Today we grabbed a second set of coords whilst laying and they were pretty close so it’s all good news. We will grab a third, and final set of coords and then hopefully submit it in a week or so. Hopefully it won’t get muggled before then! Watch this space!

Camping food

After our last camping trip we started thinking about some quick, easy and cheap meals we could have whilst away. We had a Vesta curry each one night which were a steal at 99p each, however took quite a while to cook and tasted a bit like dog food. So I had a look around at the special “camping foods” that exist. I thought they were quite pricey for what they were, £4-£5 each pouch.

Then I stumbled on some food that I’d seen in the Supermarket before. The range is called “Look what we found” and is apparently available in most supermarkets, but I’m yet to find it in Tesco. I have found the best place is Waitrose and today paid a visit and stocked up on 3 different pouches: Chili con carne: £1.99, Spag bol: £1.99 and a Lamb hotpot: £2.99. Also for £2.99 was some beef stew, and Meatballs. These can be cooked on the hob, or boiled in the bag. You will have to add a carb to have with them, but I think some of that rice in pouches, fresh pasta, and crusty bread for the hotpot would help produce a cheap meal in under 5mins that actually tastes half decent.

You can find the products on MySupermarket here. (Click Sainsburys or Ocado as you won’t find anything under Tesco). Alternatively you can order them online from Look What We Found! or The Jolly Gourmand. The online stores charge about £5 Next day delivery postage, but they have quite a variety to choose from!

Teddy picks which one he wants for dinner

Geocaching Wallpapers

I was trying to decide what photo to set as my iPhone wallpaper when suddenly I thought “I wonder if there are any GeoCaching wallpapers?” and sure enough there are! And they are official groundspeak ones!

You can grab them here. There’s a Stonehenge one for us UK cachers. I’ve never been to Stonehenge but it’s definitely somewhere I’d love to go. I wonder if there’s a cache there… Scrap that, I bet there’s a cache there! ;)

My iPhone home screen now has signal on it! :)

The future of GPSr’s?

Wowza! I think I caught a glimpse of the future of GPSr’s today when I saw the Delorme PN-60w on the Internet. It’s released in the US at the end of the month and I can’t find any UK sites yet that are promising it (There aren’t that many Delormes around in the UK anyway).

The reason I think this sounds so amazing is it promises something that I don’t think any GPSr device features at the moment… The ability to upload your logs, connect to Facebook, twitter, send text messages, etc. When I heard about this initially I thought it was a bit too good to be true, and it kind of is…

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iPhone Splash Screen

I got a new notification to the mail account on my iPhone today for a recently published cache. I clicked on the cache link to have a look at it and got an interesting splash screen which I took a quick screenshot of.

Pick an option, any option!

I thought it was quite a cool option and should have clicked the iPhone App option to see what it did as I have since been unable to replicate it despite clicking the exact same link!

GeoCaching Podcasts

There are some great GeoCaching podcasts out there and I’m really enjoying listening to them all. At first I wasn’t aware of them all and only found 2 by searching for ‘Geocache’ and ‘Geocaching’ in the iTunes store. However, as some of the podcasts reference others I started to realise there were a few more and searching of ‘Cache’ and ‘Caching’ yielded even more. Even though most of them are not from the UK, I’d still recommend listening to them. When they start talking about national events then it does get a little irrelevant, however 90% of the information is pretty much general GeoCaching talk.

Listed in the order I discovered them…

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GeoCaching Heat Map

I stumbled across a new site today that generates a Geocaching heat map for your finds in the UK. It even comes with a Michael Fish! It’s super cool! Visit to generate your own. I think GSAK can generate something like this, but I haven’t found anywhere else that can do it. You simply sign up and upload your MyFinds file. Below is my heat map:

WHAT? You don’t like trails? :(

I was shocked to read a recent topic on the UK section of the Geocaching forums where many users said that they weren’t keen on trails and considered them to be “all about the numbers”. I thought everyone loved trails as we do and there are plenty in our area to go around. People started mentioning power trails but I think they got a bit confused and started thinking trails with a good few caches along a good few miles are power trails. They are not! I googled Power Trails and the Geocacher University website backed up my understanding:

“A series of caches placed in close proximity to each other–usually just over .1 mile apart. The caches are normally quick finds a quick way to rack up some numbers. Power trails are looked down upon by some and frowned upon in the guidelines.”

We don’t have them in the UK. The closest I’ve found is the 109 caches in 20 miles that I blogged about in a recent post.

One great thing I did pick up from that topic however was a GeoCaching website I had no idea about… A list of trails! Check it out, if you love trails as much as we do. I may submit some soon… :)

Drippy cache

We went back to our rock under the stepping stone last night. As we expected there was water in the film cannister. There was only a little, but if someone didn’t seal the bag properly the log would get soaked :( It seems some pond life was fooled by the rock as well as there were little sluggy things living in there! Hehe! Also, the stone we put on the opposite end was starting to crack the base of the plastic rock.

We’ve brought the cache back home. I plan to glue a small weight to the side of the cache to help it sink, and also replace the cannister with a Red Bull energy shot cannister that has a screw top. I will wrap it in Gorilla tape to thicken the sides. This one won’t get water in it, as I have refilled one and taken it running with me in my pocket for a quick shot of water. I didn’t get a wet pocket so all should be fine!

I’ve also used the xylene on 2 tupperware boxes. Its very nasty stuff, so anyone trying it themselves should be extra careful and don’t breathe it in! I wore two pairs of Nitrile gloves and put the chemical on the boxes using a rag. I then left them to dry overnight (In the garden) and in the morning the shiny coating on the boxes had magically disappeared. Now just got to get some spray paint to coat them! Happy days! :)

Geocaching v4 iPhone App

This morning I was pleased to see a new update for the Geocaching iPhone app. There are some cool new features. It now supports Google maps, allows you to add pictures to your logs and log trackables, clearly shows your location on the home page and allows you to add field notes to a cache. The interface has changed a little too. I have to say I preferred the old one but I guess the new one will grow on me. I particularly like that you can now search for 30 caches in an area, up from 20. I noticed that the upgrade removed all of my saved caches! This was ok as I recently had to totally wipe my phone and only had a couple in there. I think this may disgruntle a few users…

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